Weekly Flush: Local Pumper Helps Detectives Make Meth Bust

In other recent septic-related news, an Alabama man steals a septic pumper truck and crashes it on private property

Weekly Flush: Local Pumper Helps Detectives Make Meth Bust

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A local septic pumping company in Forsyth County, Georgia, helped the sheriff’s office make a drug bust last month, leading to two arrests.

According to the sheriff’s office, detectives arrived at a home in the area with a search warrant in hand, but when they went inside the home, they heard a toilet being flushed repeatedly.

As it turns out, the suspect was wanted on charges of selling methamphetamine, so the detectives called a local pumper who found the meth in a sealed bag at the inlet pipe.

Here are some images from the bust shared by the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office via Facebook:

There’s a lot of different ways a pumper’s day can go wrong, but this next news item is probably a first. A man in Eight Mile, Alabama, stole a septic truck from Sullivan’s Septic Tank Service and crashed it into a ditch on private property.

According to a witness, the man was doing donuts on the property before he finally crashed it into a deep ditch. He fled the scene on foot and hid in the woods nearby where police found him. He’s charged with theft and reckless driving.

In other recent news, members of an Amish community in Fillmore County, Minnesota, are asking for a new trial after a ruling sided with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Fillmore County, which required the community to install a wastewater system to handle graywater.

The Amish community is now requesting that a judge order a new trial on the grounds that the state and county didn’t prove there were alternative wastewater systems that could function while preserving the group’s religious beliefs.

The community members proposed a mulch basin system for graywater disposal.


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