Must-Have Mover Helps Pumping Company Take a Load Off

Cristine Glass of ASAP Sanitary Services swears by the Super Mongo Mover, which allows her to deliver restrooms solo

Must-Have Mover Helps Pumping Company Take a Load Off

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In 2016, Cristine Glass got into the portable restroom business by buying an existing company with her husband, John Ackworth. She immediately set out to grow ASAP Sanitary Services in Chardon, Ohio, and in the process acquired a couple of companies.

One of those acquisitions came with something she didn’t really think she needed. She now calls it her best friend. It is a Super Mongo Mover from Deal Assoc., and it enables the petite 27-year-old to pick up and deliver portable restrooms single-handedly.

“It’s like a dolly with two forks on the front of it and four wheels,” she says. “The forks slide through the unit and then you tip the restroom back and pull it on all four wheels.” Her two 2005 Chevy Kodiak delivery trucks have liftgates so it’s an easy process for her to load units onto the truck, throw the fairly lightweight aluminum-framed Mongo Mover into the truck, and secure it to one of the units so she can take it to the delivery site.

The Super Mongo Mover can carry up to 500 pounds, easily used for maneuvering hand-wash stations and ADA-compliant or handicap-accessible units. It reduces wear and tear on the units since they don’t have to be rocked, pushed, or dragged, but instead are picked up and supported from the bottom. It can also be purchased in six- or eight-wheel configurations for easier maneuvering on different types of terrain.

And the hand truck doesn’t just help small women. Even the big burly guys on her staff benefit from something that takes the load off of them, speeds up the process, makes their job easier and prevents injuries. “We love it,” Glass says. “We use it around the yard any time we need to move a unit.”

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