How to Move Portable Restrooms in the Soggy Spring Months

Bill Leppala of Tula Toilet and Septic in Ironwood, Michigan, shares his secret for moving portable restrooms on saturated ground

How to Move Portable Restrooms in the Soggy Spring Months

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A Deal Assoc. Super Mongo Mover hand truck is one piece of equipment that Bill Leppala can’t imagine doing without since purchasing a pumping and portable restroom company in 2011 and founding his own business, Tula Toilet and Septic LLC, in Ironwood, Michigan.

When it snows more than 200 inches a year on the western edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it takes a while for the ground to thaw and firm up. Leppala quickly realized he needed something better for delivering restrooms to his first graduation parties in the spring. The ground was so saturated he couldn’t drive off the pavement.

“Of course they (customers) want the restroom in the back, not by the driveway,” Leppala says, and his two-wheel cart wasn’t effective transportation.

Soon after, he purchased an eight-wheel Super Mongo Mover.

“I move a lot of restrooms on soft grass and dirt. With eight wheels, it’s easy to get (restrooms) across snow and mud. It was handy when I was delivering restrooms for pipeline work and had to go through mud and muck,” he says.

With a 500-pound capacity, the Super Mongo Mover easily transports Leppala’s biggest handicap restrooms.

“I got the (solid urethane) foam tires because I didn’t want to mess around with flat tires. They don’t have the give of rubber tires, but they are always up,” Leppala says.

Knowing that the Super Mongo Mover travels across most terrain, he parks the trailer wherever it is convenient and moves the restroom from there. Leppala uses the hand truck for most of his restroom deliveries. He transports it by slipping it under one of the restrooms so it doesn’t take up space on his trailer. He also uses it around his shop to move bulky loads on pallets, fuel barrels and other heavy items.

“I use it for everything. Now that I have it, I don’t know how I moved restrooms before,” Leppala says.


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