Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

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As the end of the year approaches, here’s a recap of some of the top stories on pumper.com. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2014.

10. Blower or Vacuum Pump: Which One Do You Need?

Thinking it’s about time to upgrade your vacuum truck fleet? Here’s how to determine whether a pump or blower is right for you.

9. Craziest Excuses for Employees Calling in Sick

Some people get pretty creative when it comes to calling in sick. Check out these crazy excuses.

8. 28 Years Using a Septic System And She Didn’t Know It!

A 90-year-old Florida resident had been paying for sewer service for her house since 1986 before finding out she was served by a septic system … when it failed.

7. Dog Eat Dog: 3 Ways to Outsmart Ruthless Competition

Septic pumpers wear many hats and regularly juggle a lot of operational jobs, not the least of which is dealing with a new competitor in town. Check out three simple ways you can beat out the competition. 

6. How To Fix a Failing Drainfield

Drainfield, or soil treatment area, problems occur when soil is not accepting as much effluent as the house is producing. Here’s what to do if you’re up against a failing drainfield. 

5. Has the Ebola Scare Spread to the Septic Sector?

You might be getting calls and questions from worried homeowners about how the Ebola virus could affect wastewater or septic systems. We’ve got the answers.

4. 3 Myths About Septic Pumping

You’ve been in this business a long time. But your way might not be the best way. Make sure you’re not making these bad habits regular practice.

3. Disaster Averted: Toddler Pulled From Septic Tank

Disasters like these can usually be avoided. This incident and several others like it in recent years underscore the need to inspect every septic tank lid you encounter on the job, whether they are made of plastic or concrete.

2. Septic Pumper Hit With $33,000 Fine

A septic pumping contractor in Kalispell, Mont., faced a steep penalty from the DEQ for what some might consider a minor mistake — failing to file paperwork correctly.

1. It’s Prison Time, Big Fine for Washington State Pumper

A Washington pumper faced months of jail time and a $250,000 fine, with the potential for almost $2 million more in restitution payments, after convicted of multiple charges of illegal dumping.


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