Bacteria/Chemicals – Grease - Bionetix International BIOBLOC22

BIOBLOC22 from Bionetix International is a slow-release block that can be placed in grease traps to fight grease buildup over time. It contains penetrants and surfactants designed to loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, assisting in their biodegradation. Microorganisms digest the grease, helping reduce grease buildup and minimize foam and odors. It is designed to help lower grease disposal costs, prevent emergency blockages, keep floats clean, and reduce grease buildup. For best results and to extend product longevity, it should be submerged in the grease trap in a less turbulent area, but not in a dead spot. A 5-pound block can last about one month in a 5,000-gallon pumping station or grease trap. 514-457-2914;


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