Product Focus: Office Technology and Software

Product Focus: Office Technology and Software

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Business Software

AllyPro Enterprise Business Manager

AllyPro’s Enterprise Business Manager software is designed specifically for the portable restroom industry. It is designed to track tasks, send reminders and keep client information in files for future use. Users know how many portables they have, where they are and what they have on hand. It also serves as a billing platform with standardized pricing and customer-specific pricing. It has the ability to prorate, normal or anniversary billing, accounts receivables, payment processing, automatic late reminders, autopay, finance charging and credit card processing. It includes a complete dispatch system with drag-and-drop features as well as built-in route optimization. 888-974-8488;

OnTerra Systems RouteSavvy

RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems is route-planning software designed for service calls, sales calls, deliveries and pickups. The software can determine efficiency based on least miles driven or fastest route to save money on gas or optimize time. Other standard features include automated data upload, round trip or start-to-finish routing, and the ability to locate stops using coordinates. Through the RouteSavvy mobile app, service technicians can capture photos to prove a job’s been done, get signatures of customers to confirm completion of a job, and notify customers that the job has been completed. 720-836-7201;

PRO Software Solutions Routing Module

PRO Software Solutions’ Routing Module is based on up-to-date technology and utilizes Google Maps. This means every time Google is updated, so are all the routes. Additionally, it makes it easy to create live route/map overlays from the customizable dashboard. As a result, a dispatcher can see driver activity in real time. The program can optimize routes based on individual requirements with the click of a button. It offers the flexibility to set driver capabilities with custom user permissions, allowing drivers to update location pins in hard-to-reach sites. 800-858-0344;

ServiceCore Software

ServiceCore Software offers waste or roll-off businesses with a tool designed to cut wasted time, manage jobs, optimize routes, track inventory and provide automated billing. 888-691-1333;

Fleet Management

CRO Software Solutions

CRO Software Solutions is a cloud-based, interactive asset management software solution designed for the solid and liquid waste industries. It is designed to solve real-world challenges of asset management by linking customers, drivers, dispatchers and managers on a simple interface. It offers ease of implementation and a simple initial setup, according to the maker. 844-276-2467;

DPL Telematics AssetCommand Base

AssetCommand Base from DPL Telematics is designed to increase driver safety and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of vehicle accidents and theft. Managers can remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them anytime via GPS, collect odometer/runtime readings, track service intervals and receive real-time alerts for speeding or potentially dangerous driving. Driver ID options include iButton or RFID badges to restrict access to authorized drivers and correctly log each driver’s activity. Users can also receive alerts for loss of power and boundary or curfew violations to curb unauthorized use. It is palm-sized, has no external antenna and contains an internal backup battery to continue operating the unit if disconnected. 800-897-8093;


Fleetio’s suite of cloud- and mobile-based fleet management solutions enables fleets of all sizes to automate fleet operations and manage asset life cycles. Users can instantly access and update data regarding inspections, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, parts, fuel, drivers and more. It can help improve communication and streamline issue resolution with its mobile app, email notifications and reminders. It also integrates with telematics solutions for automated odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location reporting that pairs with fuel cards to automatically log transaction data at fuel up. Fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers and other personnel have access to the tools and information they need anytime, anywhere. 800-975-5304;

Slate Pages app for portable restrooms

The Slate Pages aluminum tag can help make managing portable restrooms easier by automating information. The 2-by-3-inch aluminum tag is laser-etched with a QR code. The app (available on iPhone and Android) is used to scan the QR code and record important information related to the portable restrooms, including GPS coordinates, service dates and service history, delivery/pickup dates and customer information. Data gathered can be customized to specific company needs. Information gathered is sent to the Slates online dashboard where data can be viewed and tracked. Data and map views can be created to show unit location, units in stock, unit condition and servicing dates. 515-758-5463;

Leasing/Financing Services

AP Equipment Financing application-only finance programs

Application-only finance programs from AP Equipment Financing are available for businesses to purchase new or used revenue-producing equipment with costs up to $200,000. Applications have become simplified with no need for paper. Businesses can apply through a smartphone or computer, with fixed payments so owners can keep peace of mind with monthly payments that match cash flow. 888-996-0305;


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