Product Focus: Vacuum Excavation and Industrial Jet/Vac Services

Product Focus: Vacuum Excavation and Industrial Jet/Vac Services

The Challenger 1600 from National Vacuum Equipment.

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National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 1600

The Challenger 1600 from National Vacuum Equipment is a 1,600 cfm tri-lobe blower designed for continuous duty at maximum vacuum. Rotors are designed to improve vacuum efficiency and reduce mechanical noise. The blower has a ballast air-cooling design and typical maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg. 800-253-5500;

Hose Reels

COXREELS 1125 Series

The 1125 Series from COXREELS is available with two upgraded swivel options. The medium-pressure (up to 4,000 psi) and high-pressure (up to 5,000 psi) can be factory installed. The medium-pressure swivel is precision-machined from solid brass and features upgraded wall thickness, as well as upgraded seals and backup rings. The high-pressure swivel is machined from high-strength steel and nickel plated for corrosion resistance. This ball bearing swivel features maximum flow and enhanced load-bearing capabilities. 800-269-7335;

Hannay Reels 6200 Power Rewind Reel

The 6200 Power Rewind Reel from Hannay Reels is designed for rigorous waterjetting and blasting applications. With heavy-duty steel construction, strong spool, sturdy frame and hydraulic motor, it offers hose expansion control for I.D. hose widths between 3/4- and 1-inch. Up to 500 feet of hose is supported at 3,000 psi, making it suitable for large jobs. The A-assembly roller on the front of the frame allows for proper storage and easy dispensing on truck or trailer mounts. Optional upgrades include 5,000 psi working pressure, roller assembly, direct drive hydraulic motor rewind and a hose package, allowing for a wide range of customization. 518-797-3791;

Hydroexcavation Tools

Hydra-Flex Ripsaw HD

The Ripsaw HD from Hydra-Flex is built for the rugged hydroexcavation industry. A cone-shaped flow pattern is suitable for potholing. The nozzle’s 0-degree stream rotates at an 18-degree cone of coverage, increasing impingement to dig faster and use less water. A slower stream rotation increases digging power, improves control and reduces the nozzle’s wear and tear to lengthen its life. It is built with heavy-duty coating, stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to handle frost, shale and rocky soil. Its coating is nonconductive, providing extra safety for users and utilities. It is designed to be repairable with repair kits to extend the nozzle’s life. 952-808-3640;

Pressure Lift HydraBore

The HydraBore from Pressure Lift can blast down and physically remove built up tallow, soap residue and tank waste. Best used with a jetter, it will only add roughly 16 gallons of high-pressure water in a 10-minute period. Total time on a job, with a unit pumping approximately 2,000 gallons of waste, is less than 20 minutes at depths of 5 to 500 feet. It also minimizes cleanup because the water jets are directed toward the area to be excavated. It only requires one person to operate the boom, as the unit automatically directs the water where it’s needed for the project because it is connected to the pump boom. 866-504-6596;

RNV Hydrovac2

The RNV Hydrovac2 unit can be placed on an RNV-approved 6-cubic-foot steel construction-grade wheelbarrow to create a powerful portable hydrovac. It can vacuum down vertically to 12 feet to convey effluent sludge, sand and small aggregate. It can be combined with a pressure washer or air spade for another excavation solution. The unit weighs 42 pounds, requires a 120-volt AC 15-amp power outlet and will run on a 2,200-watt generator or inverter. 607-786-2139;

TRUVAC Abrasion Resistant Elbow

The Abrasion Resistant Elbow from TRUVAC is a 70-degree boom elbow developed for demanding vacuum excavation jobs. Embedded with non-corroding carbide steel, the interior of the elbow is engineered for maximum wear resistance. It is retrofittable to all full-sized TRUVAC HXX vacuum excavator models with an 8-inch telescopic boom. 815-672-3171;

Vactor dig tube with measuring rule

Vactor offers an easy-to-read dig tube with integrated measuring rule for all 6- or 8-inch-diameter dig tubes. This high-visibility ruler was developed with input from customers to maximize productivity. Laser-cut from lightweight aluminum, the dig tube with measuring rule features numbers that will stand out under all conditions, never wear off and come clean with a quick rinse to remove mud. 815-672-3171;

Hydroexcavation Units

GapVax VHX Series

The GapVax VHX Series hydrovac is designed for optimal weight distribution, improved safety features and improved performance. The debris body is 7.5 cubic yards, offering a 15,000-pound payload. The low profile (12 feet, 2 inches) makes it suitable for all-around hydroexcavation projects. The vacuum system with single mode wet/dry filtration is quiet, reliable and simple, according to the maker. It includes a 4,000 cfm positive displacement blower, 600 hp transfer case with air-shift engagement and ultra-quiet air injection, and discharge silencers. This filtration design includes a top-loading debris tank, 14-inch stainless steel float-ball shut-off, efficient centrifugal cyclone separators and long-lasting filter bags. It is equipped with a 12 gpm, 3,000 psi water system with optional 200-cfm air compressor system. A full-tilting debris body, over 45-degree dump angle and full-opening tailgate promote fast unloading and easy clean out. The 8-inch telescoping VHX boom offers a 22-foot reach with 15-degree downward pivot. 888-442-7829;

HotJet USA Vac’N Jet Series

The HotJet USA Vac’n Jet Series of vacuum trailer jetters are compact and engineered to haul the equipment and spoils, and to clean valve boxes, storm drains, perform hydroexcavation and/or clean drain/sewer lines. They feature hot and/or cold water operation with a choice of engine options ranging from 23 to 70 hp and gas or diesel operation. They are equipped with premium triplex pumps, a 500-gallon spoils tank, up to 440-gallon water tanks, Gardner/Denver vac/blowers, a 4-ton hydraulic dump and a dual filter centri-clean filter system. They can also be custom-engineered and designed to meet specifications. 800-624-8186;

Rival Hydrovac T7 Tandem and T10

The T7 Tandem from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be loaded with debris and drive within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. The unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights in the cab and on the wireless remote. The T10 is built with the same features and operating system, but with larger capacities and components. It is for both utility and industrial work. It is available in three chassis layouts to meet weight restrictions in a given area. An air compressor option allows for excavating with air when required, while a truck-mounted coring system allows for removal of hard surfaces prior to nondestructive excavating. 403-550-7997;

Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV65

The Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV65 is a single-operator unit capable of performing all functions from a single remote control. The blower, water tank, boiler, jetter system and wands are housed in an insulated, sound-dampening enclosure with thermostat-controlled heater. It includes large, winter-friendly roll-up doors with ample storage. An onboard air compressor is available. 800-263-4508;

Vac-Con Mudslinger MS800

The Mudslinger MS800 trailer-mounted hydrovac from Vac-Con is designed to provide the same power, suction and capacity of a truck hydroexcavator on a portable, pull-behind trailer. It includes the choice of Tier 4 diesel or gas engine options providing up to 1,190 cfm and 16 inches Hg with a PD blower and 325 gallons of water. It has an 845-gallon debris tank and a 9-foot boom with 24 inches of hydraulic extension provides a full range of motion. It is designed to be a standalone unit, but can also provide support to construction, HDD and public utility fleets. A variety of applications includes daylighting, potholing, culvert and manhole cleaning and utility locating. 904-284-4200;

Vacall AllExcavate and AllExcavate2

Vacall AllExcavate and AllExcavate2 machines feature standard intelligent controls and easy startup operation. Both models are designed to efficiently remove dirt around utility lines and foundations. Water pumps generate 24.5 to 120 gpm and pressures to 3,000 psi. The AE2 model adds air excavation at 185 cfm and dual psi of 110 and 150. Water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are protected in a heated compartment. An AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system features a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow, air pressure and vacuum performance for precise boom and reel adjustments. Aluminum water tanks with lifetime warranty carry 1,000 to 1,300 gallons. Galvanized debris tanks have a supreme finish, and are available with 8-, 10- and 13-cubic-yard capacities. They use one engine to power the chassis and excavation functions, designed to reduce service and operation costs. 800-382-8302;

Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD includes a fully remote-controlled vacuum system. It comes with a 4,200-gallon painted aluminum tank with a National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 4310 blower (940 cfm). Functionality includes full control of the tank’s PTO and pneumatic valves, providing the ability to switch between vacuum, neutral and pressure modes without leaving a septic tank access point. The bottom third of the tank is double-plated, and the tank is painted black with a diamond plate chip guard, full-flanged and dished heads for baffles, a hot shift PTO, one 4-inch vacuum inlet with lever valve, one 6-inch discharge with piston valve with a handle, three 5-inch sight glasses on the rear tank head, full-length aluminum hose trays, a SeeLevel indicator, a 24-by-24-by-24-inch aluminum toolbox, U.S. Department of Transportation LED light package, two rear LED work lights and an adjustable stainless steel rear bumper. 800-558-2945;

Jet/Vac Combo units

Hi-Vac Aquatech B-Series

The Aquatech B-Series combination sewer cleaner from Hi-Vac serves municipalities, water and sewer districts, and contractors for cleaning storm drains, catch basins and sewers. It is available with multiple debris tank sizes and water tank capacities, as well as various water and vacuum pump options. This scalability means each unit can be custom fit for use in any application. The rear-mounted hose reel design with 180-degree hydraulic articulation takes the operator off the street and away from traffic, providing a full 12-foot work radius beyond the truck’s width. The rear-mounted hose reel provides an unobstructed 270-degree field of vision. The top-loading boom and one-piece vacuum hose provide 360-degree operation for safe, easy placement of the unit regardless of the manhole or excavation location. 800-752-2400;

Super Products Camel Max Series

Camel Max Series combination sewer cleaners from Super Products allow operators to perform various tasks with jetting, vacuuming and excavating. The product line comes in a variety of model configurations: 900 Dump, 1200 Dump, 1200 Eject and 1200 Wastewater Recycle. All 1200 models come standard with a high-dump subframe, eliminating the need to back up a ramp for debris removal. The 1200 Dump is capable of dumping into a 42-inch container while maintaining a low overhead height and a low center of gravity for increased stability. The 1200 Eject allows operators to dump safely into a 48-inch container without use of additional containment products. The 1200 Wastewater Recycle enables operators to clean sewers without using fresh water, and is capable of cleaning nearly 3,000 feet of sewer pipe per day and saving 60,000 gallons of water per week. 800-837-9711;

Vacuum Pumps

Engine & Accessory Masport Cobra Plug & Play 532 CFM

The Masport Cobra Plug & Play 532 CFM, distributed by Engine & Accessory, was developed for tank sizes ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 gallons. It is equipped with a compact scrubber with 4-inch NPT inlet and high-efficiency steel oil separator with exhaust deflector, a 13-inch fan for cooling during operation, and operates at 22 inches Hg continuous duty. It incorporates a pressure relief valve vent recovery system that eliminates cleanup with no oil exhaustion. It utilizes a Rexnord Omega coupling for gearbox installations for a greater life with automatic transmissions and an automatic mechanical oil pump that delivers the correct amount of oil at all working levels with no manual adjustments necessary. 305-573-2268;

Fruitland 870 Series

Fruitland’s 870 Series pump allows vacuum levels of 28.5 inches Hg and continuous vacuum of 27 inches Hg. It is capable of providing 30 psi pressure for offloading. Oil consumption is 1 gallon for 18 hours of operation to reduce environmental impact. Locally sourced, nonproprietary oil may be used. The pump delivers 510 cfm (free air) through 4-inch porting. 905-662-6552;

Moro USA PM3000

The Moro USA PM3000 vacuum pump operates at 1,001 cfm, 29 psi with a vacuum of 28 inches Hg. One of five pumps in the Storm Series, it offers the combination of high air flow and deep vacuum of a rotary lobe blower and the durability of a rotary vane pump. It utilizes a cooling circuit and comes standard with a water recirculation pump for continuous heat exchange. It rotates at 1,200 rpm, resulting in lower fuel consumption and temperatures to promote longer pump life. It is constructed with a cast-iron casing, Kevlar vanes and industrial-grade Viton oil seals. It includes an integrated check-valve, changeover manifold and oil-fed bearings. Engine-driven packages and other drive configurations are available. 866-383-6304;

Presvac Systems PV750

The Presvac Systems PV750 rotary vane pump is designed for continuous full-vacuum operation in extreme conditions. It offers 400 cfm at free air, 350 cfm at 15 inches Hg, a maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 35 psi. Dual fans and twin ballast ports are designed to efficiently cool the pump. The solid housing with deep cooling ribs allows greater heat transfer from the vacuum chamber. Aluminum fans and shrouding work like a heat exchanger. Multiple manifold and drive options are available for truck, trailer or stationary applications. 800-387-7763;

Samson Pumps Truck Master 3400 Series

Truck Master 3400 Series liquid ring vacuum pumps from Samson Pumps are built for vacuum trucks and hydroexcavators. They offer a capacity up to 2,010 cfm and generate 27.1 Hg in vacuum. Air speed is approximately 260 feet per second in a 4-inch suction hose. They weigh in at 1,170 pounds, with a height of 22.7 inches, length of 48.6 inches and width of 26.1 inches. Highlights include a combination of water handling capabilities, nonclogging design, self-priming capability, high suction power, durability, low maintenance requirements, silent operation and environmental considerations.

Wallenstein Vacuum 753 Series

The 753 Series vacuum pump from Wallenstein Vacuum is designed for longer service life, incorporating wide vanes that allow up to an inch of wear. It provides 422 cfm airflow at 1,200 rpm and vacuum levels up to 28 inches Hg. Options include air-, liquid- or dual-cooling systems where air injection is combined with liquid cooling. A pump-flushing port is included on the top valve for convenient maintenance. The quick-access housing end plate allows for easy internal inspection with no bearings to pull. Oil lubrication is via a mechanical piston pump driven by shaft rotation or available with a sight-feed valve oil regulator system using vacuum/pressure to draw oil with no moving parts. 800-801-6663;

Westmoor Conde PowerPaks

Westmoor Conde PowerPaks are preassembled gasoline or diesel-powered vacuum pump units. They are easy to install, according to the maker, and include a heavy-duty steel base with aluminum diamond plate trim and belt guard. Rigid assembly is designed to ensure minimum vibration and maximum power. They are available with either vacuum only or vacuum/pressure pumps. A wide range of cfm options ensure the PowerPak is matched to the tank size and application. Units are powered with optional Honda GX Commercial Series gasoline engines or Hatz industrial air-cooled diesel engines. Units can be easily transferred to another tank system when needed. 800-367-0972;

Water Pumps

Cat Pumps Model 1560

With a performance rating of 9 gpm at 4,000 psi, the Cat Pumps Model 1560 offers a combination of high performance, compact footprint and longevity to help jetters cut through challenging jobs. It converts to a jetting pump by adding a pulsator assembly, which eliminates the danger of dead-heading the pump, prolonging the life of the seals and reducing unplanned downtime. A convenient handle allows for a quick changeover from cleaning to jetting modes. The pump can be belt-driven with a 12.4-inch pitch diameter dual-groove B-belt clutch, providing the on-demand ability to engage or disengage the pump, reducing runtime, saving energy and increasing pump life. Or, with a bell housing, an SAE hydraulic motor can be conveniently mounted to drive the pump. 763-780-5440;

Dynablast Pratissoli KTX Series

The Pratissoli KTX Series water pump, distributed by Dynablast, is designed for hydroexcavation. The KTX24ASPF offers 13.5 gpm at 3,625 psi and 1450 rpm and the KTX28ASPF offers 18.4 gpm at 2,900 psi and 1,450 rpm. Its T13 female spline shaft input and SAE B 2/4 bolt flange enable direct mounting to the hydraulic motor. It has run dry-seals with a Kevlar Graphite rope, a 420 stainless steel manifold for protection from cavitation, and a self-lubricating design, so no oiler kit or weekly oiling is required. Its symmetrical crankcase makes it easy to reverse shaft the pump. Internal fins on the aluminum crankcase provide cooling to lower oil temperature. A tapered roller bearing improves lateral loading. The two-bore ceramic plungers are thicker ceramic on the water end to prevent thermal shock. 905-867-4642;


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