Case Study: Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Liquid ring pumps help fleet owner eliminate complaints

Case Study: Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

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Problem: From residents and passers-by, the complaints were stacking up. There were problems covering oil fumes, oil stains on sidewalks and buildings. Topping the list, though, was the uncomfortable, annoying, and often deafening noise from the vacuum trucks operating in urban areas, especially during nighttime operations. Sorting out these challenges was crucial for a German fleet-owner. Enforced environmental regulations limited incoming jobs, hurt earnings and utilization of the contractor’s fleet.

Solution: The fleet-owner switched to liquid ring pumps, and the Samson Pumps Truck Master 2500 was used. According to the manufacturer, the benefits of the solution was reliability, silence in operation, no polluting exhausts and low maintenance.

Result: The change to liquid ring technology has enabled the fleet-owner to reclaim lost jobs and gain more contracts. Savings on oil expenses, downtime due to repairs and maintenance has also been a result. Quieter operation eliminated the noise complaints. 



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