Product Spotlight: Satellite introduces an electric-powered PRO service truck

Product Spotlight: Satellite introduces an electric-powered PRO service truck

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Electric vehicles are becoming more popular across the country with their utilization expanding beyond just a daily driver. Satellite Industries saw the technology as an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint in the pumping industry.

And according to Satellite, their new EV is an electric vacuum service truck that can safely exceed the mileage required in a typical portable restroom operator’s daily route before recharging.

Designing an electric truck to perform the tasks of portable restroom operators was a challenge, but Satellite embraced it. “Unlike the conventional truck footprint, which has ample room to fit batteries, wiring, and hydraulics, the EV chassis contains large battery packs that power the truck,” says Craig Brooks, executive vice president for Satellite Industries. “This makes placement of PTO, the tank and bed a little more complicated.” 

The chassis is an International eMV607, and once the fine details were ironed out, Satellite decided to outfit the EV with mostly aluminum components because of the overall weight of the motor and the batteries. “The electrical components are heavier than traditional gasoline or diesel engines,” Brooks says. “Because of that, we used an aluminum tank, bed and liftgate instead of steel to keep the overall weight of the truck down.”

The EV can haul up to eight standard sized portable restrooms and features a 700-gallon aluminum tank separated to accommodate 245-gallons of freshwater and 455-gallons for wastewater. Its power comes from four banks of two AC/DC compatible 210-kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. They can charge using a 125 kWh DC-fast charger in under two hours, or at slower rates starting at 24 kW for overnight charging. 

An important part of the design was using an electric SmartPTO from Viatec draws power from its own battery, not the truck’s traction batteries. Brooks says this is vital for extending the range of the truck, which is capable of 135 miles on a charge.

“To get the most out of the EV, a truck driver should charge their EV at a designated charging depot in a centralized location, usually at the homesite of the business,” Brooks says. “A certified electrician can fit your operation with an EV charging kit for AC and DC charger installations.”

So far, Satellite has been showcasing the truck at trade shows, and Brooks says there is a general sense of excitement around EV technology. “Satellite’s new EV is well-suited for long days on the job,” he says. “It’s designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance while reducing environmental impact by emitting zero tailpipe emissions.”

EV trucks may qualify for government incentives or rebates, with those programs varying by state and country. 800-883-1123; 


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