Product Spotlight: Routing program helps growing fleets stay organized

Product Spotlight: Routing program helps growing fleets stay organized

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Organization is key to efficiency, and as businesses grow, that can become a challenge. OnTerra developed RouteSavvy, an automated software to help meet that challenge and wrangle the growing fleets of small to midsize businesses. 

“RouteSavvy is route-planning software designed for service calls, sales calls, deliveries and pickups,” says Steve Milroy, president of OnTerra Systems. “By deploying route planning through RouteSavvy, businesses involved in septic services, grease trap cleaning and other liquid waste businesses can plug in the addresses of the day’s service calls, and it will generate the most efficient route.”

The software can determine efficiency based on least miles driven or fastest route to save money on gas or optimize time. Other standard features include automated data upload, round trip or start-to-finish routing, and the ability to locate stops using coordinates.

“Items like portable restrooms and septic systems are not often tied to an actual address,” Milroy says. “For example, if a portable restroom is located in a grassy area of a big park, the ability to specify coordinates becomes really important.”

Through the RouteSavvy mobile app, service techs can capture photos to prove a job’s been done, get signatures of customers to confirm completion of a job, and notify customers that the job has been completed.

RouteSavvy also offers optional GPS tracking. It uses a driver’s cellphone, eliminating the need for specific hardware. “You toggle the GPS tracking on, right on the driver’s personal or company smartphone,” Milroy says. “RouteSavvy then shows people back at the office where the driver is located using the app. When the driver is done for the day, simply toggle the application off until they go back to work.”

Milroy says RouteSavvy is easy to use, with a clear and understandable interface, simple language, and clear action buttons. “We have had customers tell us that they got a quick tutorial on how to optimize routes with RouteSavvy, and they started doing so in 15 minutes,” he says. 720-836-7201;


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