Product Focus - January 2022

Product Focus - January 2022

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Hibon VTB822 Blower Package

The Hibon VTB822 Blower Package provides sound reduction in a complete 2,729-cfm, 28 inches Hg plug-and-play system solution. The vacuum/pressure offloading package is ideally suited for hydroexcavating, daylighting, industrial vacuuming and grit recycling applications. This quiet package includes a Hibon VTB822 three-lobe vacuum blower, all silencers, inlet filter housing and element, an 8-inch four-way valve, properly sized pressure relief valve, all instrumentation, isolation mounts and a stainless steel enclosure. This engineered package can be hydraulically or V-belt driven. It is easy to install and maintain, according to the maker. 514-631-3501;

Howden 827 DVJ

The 827 DVJ dry-vacuum blower from Howden is a heavy-duty unit with integral ductile iron impellers. The casing headplates, gear cover and drive-end are gray iron. Carburized and ground spur timing gears are taper-mounted on the shaft and secured with a locknut, cylindrical roller bearings, splash lubrication on both ends and easy-to-read sight glasses for maintenance. The blower handles high inlet temperatures for rough applications. An efficient discharge jet plenum design allows cool atmospheric air to flow into the cylinder so the blower continues to run under blank-off conditions. It comes in a compact, lightweight package and delivers more than 5,700 cfm in an 8-inch gear diameter frame, as well as 28 inches Hg. 800-557-6687;

National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 1600

The Challenger 1600 from National Vacuum Equipment is a 1,600 cfm tri-lobe blower designed for continuous duty at maximum vacuum. It employs rotors designed to improve vacuum efficiency and reduce mechanical noise. The blower has a ballast air-cooling design and typical maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg. 800-253-5500;


Kuriyama of America Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER

The corrugated Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER industrial sewer vacuum hose from Kuriyama of America is made with a 1/4-inch-thick red gum rubber tube designed for wet or dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor. The corrugated black conductive styrene-butadiene/natural rubber (SBR/NR) blend cover provides abrasion and ozone resistance. The rugged hose is suitable for dry or wet abrasive materials and can be grounded. All sizes are rated to full vacuum and a pounds-per-square-inch safety factor of 3-1 for 2 to 8 inch and 2.5-1 for 10 inch. The hose remains flexible in temperatures from 40 degrees below zero to 212 degrees F. It is available with soft-cuffed ends for easy installation and clamping. 847-755-0360;

 Hydroexcavation Equipment

Dynablast HV420

Custom Dynablast HV420 hydrovac water heaters produce 420,000 Btu with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 5 gpm, making them suitable for colder climates and improved digging in clay-filled areas. All models come with ETL certification for safety, which also includes certification on the coil for higher efficiency and heat transfer, a stainless steel target plate for increased coil life and momentary override control. They include an Interpump Group T 2040 water pump package providing 10.5 gpm at 2,900 psi and 1,750 rpm, as well as a hydraulic package with a Sunfab 34 cc motor. All components are custom-mounted in a 24-by-24-inch cabinet. 905-867-4642;

GapVax HV33

Designed to safely transport water and debris in urban areas, the GapVax HV33 is shorter, smaller and more compact than its predecessor. It is 30 feet long overall on a medium-duty chassis and includes a 600-gallon water tank, 6-cubic-yard debris body, 6- or 8-inch top-mounted telescoping boom with a 14- to 17.5-foot reach, 4,000 cfm power and an inverted, full-opening tailgate. 888-442-7829;

Hydra-Flex Machete

The Machete hydroexcavating nozzle from Hydra-Flex channels water in an oscillating motion, creating a small spray angle and a direct stream with a forceful impact. This premium penetration will allow faster digging and more precise trenching capabilities. Its durable, replaceable cover allows for quick changes while increasing the nozzle’s lifespan. It is available in three sizes, with operating pressure ranges from 1,000 to 3,200 psi and a heat rating of 180 degrees F. It will last in excess of 500 hours, according to the maker. 952-808-3640;

Imperial Industries Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator

The Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator from Imperial Industries is short and compact for maneuverability in tight spaces. It is user-friendly, efficient and can be operated easily by a single person and is designed to minimize time spent on the job site, according to the maker. It includes a 3,600-gallon hauling capacity (customizable sizes available), optional water capacity, code and non-code availability, a three-stage lift hoist with built-in vibrator and full opening rear door for easy dumping, 20 gpm jetter up to 4,000 psi (adjustable), a National Vacuum Equipment 1600 blower and a moisture trap and grit ridder. Options include a 16-function remote control for easy operation of the boom, jetter, blower and vacuum. 800-558-2945;

Presvac Systems Hydrovac

The Presvac Systems Hydrovac is designed for versatility and cold-weather operation with optional full compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation specifications for collections or transportation of hazardous materials. The high-vacuum blower allows extraction of all types of soils, gravel, rock, clay, water and silt material, with knockout features in the debris tank to minimize carryover. Modular filtration configured to blower size provides blower protection and minimal maintenance, according to the maker. It comes with a heavy-duty, 8-inch boom that extends up to 25 feet with six-way hydraulic power and wireless controls for all boom functions, a soft-start water pump, vacuum breaker and truck engine speed. 800-387-7763;

Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool fits any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescoping 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power through truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff-Tube with handles to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949-363-1401;

Tornado Global Hydrovacs F4 ECO-LITE

The F4 ECO-LITE from Tornado Global Hydrovacs has a 12-cubic-yard mud tank and holds 1,550 gallons of freshwater. The unit is more than 7,000 pounds lighter than the company’s older models and offers more than double the payload. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and 26-foot reach. The smaller F3 ECO-LITE is a 10-cubic-yard, 1,250-gallon tandem-axle unit that more than doubles older payload capacities. It features an 8-inch boom and 3,800 cfm blower. 877-340-8141;

Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV38

The Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV38 has a 12-yard debris tank with onboard scales for efficient hauling and offloading, and a 26-foot-by-8-inch telescoping boom. It has a one-touch-operated hydraulic half-door with a 3,800 cfm at 27 inches Hg hydraulically driven blower. Water pressure is achieved with a hydraulically driven triplex pump, delivering 10 gpm at 3,600 psi from a 1,000-gallon HDPE baffled water tank. The water is heated with a 420,000 Btu diesel-fired burner for cold-weather operation. 800-263-4508;

Vac-Con X-Cavator

The X-Cavator hydrovac from Vac-Con includes a cold-weather enclosure for the water systems and control panel as well as an interior area for operator seating and workspace. Unit filtration is based on the Titan combination machine, with a single-cyclone design and final cartridge-style filter. The redesigned boom is lightweight and flexible, rotating 310 degrees around the unit and moving plus 45 degrees and minus 22 degrees vertically. The durable rubber hose material can withstand harsh environments, according to the maker, and has a reach of 26 feet. 904-284-4200;

Vermeer MV Solutions Vac-Tron Mini-Combo 

Vac-Tron Mini-Combo vacuum excavators from Vermeer MV Solutions deliver a versatile combination of components and options for hydrojetting and excavation work using a single machine. Available in three models — the 573 SDT, 873 SDT and 1273 SDT — they range from a 300- to 400-gallon water tank capacity and 500- to 1,200-gallons spoil tank capacity. All models are engineered with a pump rated at 1,500 psi at 15 gpm and a powertrain featuring a 74 hp engine. The engine and pump combination enable cleaning lateral lines up to 12 inches in diameter and 500 feet long. They can be outfitted with a mechanically operated strong arm or hydraulic boom. 800-837-6337;

 Jet/Vac Combo Unit

Vacall AllJetVac

Vacall AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners come standard with an intelligent AllSmartFlow CANbus control system with a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow and vacuum performance, while allowing for more precise boom and reel movements. Water flow control monitoring also can reduce trips for refills. Models have a strong positive displacement blower system for suitable jetting action and vacuum power. The oval-shaped debris body has cylindrical sides for extra strength and efficient material dumping. Water tanks, fabricated from high-quality aluminum, are mounted high on the chassis away from road debris. 800-382-8302;

 Rental Equipment

Bucher Municipal North America Remote Reel

The Remote Reel from Bucher Municipal North America helps users reach where sewer cleaner units can’t and allows for easy and safe access to difficult jetting tasks. A smart design allows the user to go off-road and even handle stairs. It includes a hydraulically operated hose reel with variable speed, 656 feet of 1-inch jetting hose, a Hinowa caterpillar track crawler with adjustable width, a Honda 11.7 hp gasoline engine and a rear operator platform with easy steering and controls. 704-658-1333;

 Vacuum Pumps

Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps

High-pressure pumps from Cat Pumps have the durability critical to hydroexcavating, jetting, washdown and street-cleaning equipment, according to the maker. Pumps are rated up to 50 gpm and 10,000 psi and can be mounted quickly and securely via heavy-duty bell housings to hydraulic motors with SAE “A,” SAE “B” or SAE “C” mounts. Bell housings are available as individual components or as part of complete pump/motor assemblies. 763-780-5440;

Fruitland 870 Series

Fruitland’s 870 Series pump allows vacuum levels of 28.5 inches Hg and continuous vacuum of 27 inches Hg. Additionally, it is capable of providing 30 psi pressure for offloading. Oil consumption is 1 gallon for 18 hours of operation to reduce consumption and environmental impact. Locally sourced, non-proprietary oil may be used. The pump delivers 510 cfm (free air) through 4-inch porting. 905-662-6552;

Moro USA W Series PM80W

The W Series PM80W liquid-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including oil and gas, septic, and industrial, according to the maker. It has oiled bearings that don’t require additional maintenance, a sealed positive displacement direct-feed oiling system, Kevlar vanes, an integrated check valve and a changeover valve. A jacketed casing provides liquid cooling, allowing a deeper continuous-duty vacuum. A coolant pump is available for self-contained packages. It includes industrial-duty Viton oil seals and is available in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations. 866-383-6304;

Wallenstein Vacuum 753 Series

The 753 Series vacuum pump from Wallenstein Vacuum is designed for longer service life, incorporating wide vanes that allow up to an inch of wear. It provides 422 cfm airflow at 1,200 rpm and is precision-machined for vacuum levels up to 28 inches Hg. Options include air-, liquid- or dual-cooling systems where air injection is combined with liquid cooling. A pump-flushing port is included on the top valve for convenient maintenance. The quick-access housing end plate allows for easy internal inspection with no bearings to pull. Oil lubrication is via a mechanical piston pump driven by shaft rotation or available with a sight-feed valve oil regulator system using vacuum/pressure to draw oil with no moving parts. 800-801-6663;

Westmoor Condé PowerPaks 

Westmoor Condé PowerPaks are preassembled, gasoline- or diesel-powered vacuum pump units. They are easy to install, according to the maker, and include a heavy-duty steel base with aluminum diamond plate trim and belt guard. Rigid assembly is designed to ensure minimum vibration and maximum power. They are available with either vacuum only or vacuum/pressure pumps. A wide range of cfm options ensure the PowerPak is matched to the tank size and application. Units are powered with optional Honda GX Commercial Series gasoline engines or Hatz industrial air-cooled diesel engines. Units can be easily transferred to another tank system when needed. 800-367-0972;

 Vacuum Trucks/Trailers

Ditch Witch HXT Line 

Ditch Witch’s HXT Line of vacuum excavators includes the HXT50 and HXT75. They are powered by Kubota engines with 50 and 75 hp, respectively, for optimal suction power. The HXT50 has a 1,005 cfm blower with 3,000 psi water pressure. Both units are available with 500-, 800- and 1,200-gallon spoils tanks, allowing contractors the freedom to stay on a job site longer and avoid the hassle of repeated spoils disposal and water refilling. The 500-gallon configuration is designed to transport the machine without a CDL driver. The HXT75 offers 1,315 cfm and up to 5.5 gpm water pump flow. They are designed with a spoils tank-door that can be controlled curbside or remotely to keep operators clean during spoils disposal. Both machines also come with a new multifunction remote control option for the boom, allowing operators to more easily control the vacuum hose. 580-336-4402;

Guzzler Liquid Ring

The Guzzler Liquid Ring has a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials — from solids and dry bulk powders to liquids, slurries and thick sludge while providing the additional capability of reclaiming hydrocarbons. The filtration system keeps the pump operating liquid clean, resulting in a longer pump life, according to the maker. It can operate effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away, through suction lines up to 8 inches in diameter. Its design reduces maintenance and provides quiet operation. 815-672-3171;

Rival Hydrovac T7 Tandem and T10

The T7 Tandem from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be a unit that could be loaded with debris and drive within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. The unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weights prior to travel. The T10 is built with the same features and operating system, but with larger capacities and components. It is popular with clients who do both utility and industrial work. It is available in three chassis layouts to meet weight restrictions in a given area. An air compressor option allows for excavating with air when required, while a truck-mounted coring system allows for removal of hard surfaces prior to nondestructive excavating. 403-550-7997;

Super Products Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader 

The Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader from Super Products offers a removal solution for bulk materials, as well as recovery and reuse of raw materials from refineries, chemical plants, power generating stations and foundries. Using high-power airflow to suck up debris, it is designed to handle a wide array of materials, such as asbestos, brick, carbon, chemicals, sludges and slurries. Units offer single-mode filtration for wet or dry material loading with no changeover required. They come standard with a full-opening six-latch tailgate and safety props. Additional model options include a high dump for dumping into various containers and the Arctic for operations in frigid and subzero environments. 800-837-9711;  


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