Product Spotlight - August 2021

Product Spotlight - August 2021

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Laws change and regulations tighten over time, and Marsh Industrial understands equipment used in the wastewater industry needs to be up to date with regulatory changes and remain that way throughout years of service.

Since HM-183 laws strengthened minimum requirements for cargo trucks carrying hazardous materials to pass tests and inspections, Marsh Industrial focused research and development on understanding the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) new laws for tank transport. For pumpers who haul hazardous waste or are looking to add that service to their offerings, the DOT 407/412 is geared particularly toward transporting hazardous liquids and waste. 

 “Our design-certifying engineer spent time working with the people who helped write the current law with the DOT so that when we were building our units, they are built to specifications as the laws require,” says Don Marsh, president of Marsh Industrial. “We always stay current with the ever-changing laws of DOT and modify our tanks to reflect those changes.” 

As a result of that effort, they launched the DOT 407/412 line of vacuum truck and trailers to not only comply with the regulations but exceed the needs of operators in the field. “We build a quality product that companies can depend on,” Marsh says.

Marsh continues to build trucks for hauling non-hazardous septage as well.

The DOT 407/412 vacuum truck is available in multiple variations including hoist options, vacuum pump sizes, blower options and size and material of tanks. Anti-surge baffles, various liquid-level indicators, rebuildable intake and discharge valves and sealed light packages are among the list of available add-ons. Customers can also add freshwater capabilities and jetter options, choose between aluminum, steel or stainless steel toolboxes, and a full rear open door.

Engineered with all applicable laws and regulations in mind, trucks can handle a range of jobs and applications. “Our units are designed to haul anything,” Marsh says. “Mini vac units can even be used for spill response at an economic price.” 

Marsh Industrial Services also focuses on a long service life for its products by using continuity among parts over the years. That way customers are able to exchange parts and conveniently update their units over time. “Our units have been well received by customers,” Marsh says. “They have commented that our units are well-designed and reliable. The units are built for longevity.” 800-952-1537; 


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