Product Spotlight - June 2021

Product Spotlight - June 2021

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Kuriyama of America offers hose designed for grease applications 

In 2020, Kuriyama of America launched its Grease Bandit hose to tackle jobs where suctioning grease is a regular part of a pumper’s workload.

“Historically, traditional septic hoses have been substituted for use in grease trap applications. However, over time they can become susceptible to premature failure as a result of drying out and cracking due to repeated grease exposure,” says Tim O’Neill, marketing manager for Kuriyama of America. 

For consistent use with grease traps and food oil transfer, the Grease Bandit is  designed to resist grease by utilizing a proprietary polymer, oil-resistant liner that  keeps the hose from drying out over time. On the outside, this vacuum hose is built with an HDPE cover for durability in all conditions and applications. 

“It’s designed to handle the demands of being repeatedly dragged over rough surfaces, such as parking lots,” O’Neill says. Even if the hose is crushed, the Grease Bandit is designed to spring back to its original shape.

The exterior shell construction also allows the hose to remain flexible and maneuver around tight corners even in subzero temperatures. It also provides crush resistance, springing back to its original shape instantly and without kinking. Its exposed ribs protect the hose tube from cover wear and allow the hose to slide easily over rough surfaces.

“For being such a tough character, the Grease Bandit is surprisingly easy to work with,” O’Neill says. “It has a corrugated cover, with an easy slide helix for maneuverability, and is extremely lightweight, with a 30-foot-long hose weighing a mere 10 pounds.” 

Grease Bandit hoses can be used effectively in temperature ranges from negative 40 to 150 degrees F depending on the application and are available in various specifications including 1 1/2- and 2-inch inside diameter with length choices of 25, 30 or 50 feet. The 1 1/2-inch hose is rated to 23 inches Hg and the 2-inch hose for 17 inches Hg. 

Kuriyama also offers additional GBAND cuffs for the hose in both 1 1/2- and 2-inch sizes. 800-800-0320;


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