Product Spotlight - January 2021

Product Spotlight - January 2021

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Though proper sanitation has always been important, hand-washing has taken on critical importance over the past year. Restroom providers report that portable sinks are being supplied to all public events and they’re getting a workout.

Recently, J&J Chemical released the Echo double sink to help fill the growing demand for portable sinks. The company has dedicated 18 months of research and development time into designing a sink that is easy to maintain and provides users with a convenient way to wash up, according to David Roncadori, sales director for the manufacturer.

The end product is a 24-gallon freshwater and 24-gallon graywater double sink that comes standard with long-reach spigots and deep basins for easier washing. “That way you can get your arm deep in the sink to wash your forearms really well, and not just your hands, which is just as important,” Roncadori says.

The sink is primarily blow molded, and standard features include molded end hooks for purses or jackets and four molded-in handles for easy transport. Other accommodations include two locking latches on the top to ensure the freshwater remains clean and free from tampering. Each sink has threaded drain plugs for the fresh and graywater tanks, and all water connections are quick-connect for easy maintenance in the field or shop.

According to Roncadori, all components of the sink are manufactured in the U.S., including the unique foot pump design. J&J created a quick-change foot pump feature for easy removal in the field.

“If you don’t have any more sinks to put out, this sink can be quickly cleaned out, the foot pump can be changed, and you can fill it back up,” he says. “They also have a feature at the foot level of the sink to help evacuate the graywater that’s different from others out there. Ours is a vacuum-operated system and it has a built-in backflow preventer to keep graywater from free flowing and escaping. This eliminates any chance of contamination from the sink.”

The vacuum system makes it possible for the same trucks and vacuum equipment used for pumping toilets to clean out the graywater from the Echo double sink, Roncadori explains.

J&J built the double sink to be to serve a variety of purposes and to work with existing accessories restroom providers may already own. “It can be transported in most every portable restroom, and will accommodate almost any soap or towel dispenser,” Roncadori says. 800-345-3303;


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