Product Spotlight - April 2020

Product Spotlight - April 2020

National Vacuum Equipment offers smaller blower package.

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At their most basic level, blowers and vacuum pumps both create negative pressure. While pumps compress air to create a void, blowers use twin rotors to displace air inside a tank. Pumpers typically have the choice of using either a vacuum pump or blower on larger vacuum trucks, but National Vacuum Equipment now offers a smaller version of its blower technology geared toward smaller septic and portable restroom service trucks — the B250 Max Pak.

“We’ve had a lot of requests over the years for blowers to fit smaller trucks,” says Mike Rost, regional sales manager for NVE. “Customers who have used our bigger blowers like their durability, efficiency and power and have asked us repeatedly to offer that technology in a smaller package. This is our answer.”    

The B250 Max Pak utilizes a hybrid tri-lobe blower with an integral four-way for vacuum/pressure use and inlet filter to provide protection. This package is oil-free and durable, moving 270 cfm and capable of running continuously at 15 inches Hg, Rost says.

“Obviously because it doesn’t require oil, that makes it a very durable option,” Rost says. “It offers significantly more airflow, making it a great fit to service large banks of restrooms at special events quicker and more efficiently. The blower doesn’t give off any foul emissions, which makes it a great fit for special events as well.”

The Max Pak comes ready to mount and includes an exhaust silencer. The 1 to 1-5 gearbox makes it easy to get the optimum revolutions per minute to the blower while keeping the truck’s revolutions per minute in check. While it was designed to fit on a Ford F-550 and Dodge 5500, it can mount on any truck with ample ground clearance, Rost explains. It is also available in a hydraulic drive to accommodate four-wheel-drive trucks. According to Rost, a B500 package is in development and will accommodate larger-sized service trucks and septic vacuum trucks.

“The design is based on our 43 Series blower, but obviously in a smaller package,” Rost says. “It wasn’t designed to replace the rotary vane pump. Instead, we consider this the next evolution in the market. It comes as a bolt-on package that is ready to go.”



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