Rectangular Slide-in a Fit for Startups and Large Companies

Compact, lightweight slide-in vacuum tanks are often the choice for a first system for a small startup portable sanitation business. These vacuum systems also have a place in larger companies because they can be carried in the back of a pickup truck for maneuverability in tight spaces, ideal for some special event service.

Amthor International offers its Flat Vac Mini Slide-In unit for those applications — companies that need to empty out portable restrooms but don’t need large vacuum trucks to do the job. According to Sierra Littrell, marketing manager for Amthor International, the unit provides a cost-efficient service option.

“Our Flat Vac Mini Slide-In unit is perfect for easy portable restroom servicing and is an entry-level unit,” she says. “It’s a lot smaller than our typical vacuum trucks and can be slid into a basic pickup truck. Besides being an economical option for smaller companies, the unit is a great option for larger businesses as well. It’s a good complement to your normal fleet of vacuum trucks as its smaller size makes it great for hard-to-reach jobs.”

The Flat Vac Mini Slide-In unit uses a rectangular design that helps to eliminate blind spots, allowing drivers to see out of the cab’s rear window. The low profile of the tank also results in a lower center of gravity, making the unit more aerodynamic, which in turn helps to prevent sloshing while the pump is in use and the tank is being transported.

“Even though our Flat Vac Mini Slide-In unit is considered an entry-level unit, it still comes with the customizable options that customers are looking for,” Littrell says. These options include steel, stainless steel and aluminum construction, multiple tank sizes starting at 300 gallons, multiple compartment options and several pump makes and models.

Features on all units include full-length baffles and bulkheads, an angled floor that allows for easy draining, raised rear pump platform and waste compartment discharge located beneath it, 2-inch inlet and 3-inch discharge, 12-volt water pump, and 2-inch suction hose with wand and valve.



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