Baldwin Filters EnduraCube Air Filters Promoted for Dirty-Air Environments

Baldwin Filters EnduraCube Air Filters Promoted for Dirty-Air Environments

Baldwin Filters EnduraCube air filters promoted for dirty-air environments

Clean air is essential to the performance and life of your vacuum truck’s engine. Considering the dirty environments many pumpers operate in at times, the air your truck is breathing in isn’t exactly clean. That’s why proper air filtration is important, because sometimes even a small amount of dirt can cause a tremendous amount of engine damage. Baldwin Filters, a Parker Hannifin brand, has introduced a line of EnduraCube air filters with depth-loading media technology designed to deliver durability, efficiency and high capacity.

EnduraCube air filters have a multilayered synthetic media trap designed to hold more dirt per square inch. The enhanced media technology provides high initial efficiency and is water-resistant, ensuring tears and holes do not develop when exposed to water, according to the maker.

“We are excited to bring this advanced depth-loading technology to the marketplace,” says Steve Zimmerman, division engineering and product management manager at Parker Hannifin Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division. “Our goal is to provide the best possible protection for engines, and these filters exemplify our commitment to innovative filtration.”

According to Zimmerman, for efficient combustion, a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times as much air as it does fuel. Under normal operating conditions, to burn 1 gallon of fuel, the engine needs 15,000 gallons of clean air. Add a turbocharger to that engine and air consumption requirements increase by 20 percent or more. The purpose of the air filter is to promote long system life by keeping damaging contaminants away from sensitive engine components.

The filters include a stronger, stable media pack, with one continuous media web that eliminates possible leak paths common in stacked paper media, according to the manufacturer. Durable, rigid plastic frame and end caps add structural strength and stability to the media. They also include protective panels designed to reduce the risk of rips, tears and punctures.

EnduraCube air filters are built to withstand the toughest conditions, according to the maker. In rigorous endurance testing, the filters demonstrated extreme structural integrity. Testing against the OE filter shows the EnduraCube air filters do not tear or separate from air pressure, vehicle vibration or high temperatures. The durable design and construction of the air filters provide long-term protection to keep engines running at peak performance. 800-822-5394;


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