Septic Systems and Maintenance

Septic Systems and Maintenance

Mock Rock enclosure conceals access ports

Mock Rock enclosure conceals access ports

Problem: Olson Toon Landscaping of Verona, Wisconsin, needed to work around an existing septic installation while creating an outdoor living environment for new homeowners. Designs called for an outdoor patio, seating and fireplace located close to existing septic tank access lids.

Solution: Olson Toon Landscaping introduced the DekoRRa Products Mock Rock product line to conceal all three lids and risers. Using the 111, 112 and 118 septic lid models, Olson Toon Landscaping was able to tie in the septic lids with surrounding stone to create a landscaped island, which became a focal point of the new landscape design. Using three different rocks achieved a natural look.

Result: Utilizing the enclosures, the typical septic system features were easily concealed for the property owners. 888-635-8585;

Module system provides treatment and dispersal

Problem: An apartment building in Mascouche, Quebec, needed a septic system to fit in an irregular lot. The new six-unit building had a daily design flow of 1,720 gpd, and due to the limited space, an advanced treatment system that could treat wastewater in cold temperatures was required.

Solution: The system required 1,100 square feet, including a safety factor, to be installed in a triangle-shaped lot. Enviro-STEP Technologies designed a system using A42 Eljen GSF, Geotextile Sand Filter, modules because they provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint and because the product comes in 4-foot-long sections that can be installed in a variety of configurations. Stephane Scourneaux Inc. installed the 103 GSF modules in 10 rows. The system uses low-pressure distribution to ensure modules are equally fed in the uneven rows.

Result: The apartment building has a low-maintenance septic system installed in the restrictive space. 800-444-1359;

Vent filter clears up residential odor problem

Problem: After installation of an ATU, a customer on Lake Mohawk in New Jersey complained of odors in his yard. The home was built on a hill, and the holding tank was located at the bottom of the hill. The discharge pipe was approximately 75 feet long and dropped approximately 15 feet. The ATU modules are located on the side of the house above the holding tank. Air was displaced whenever water was entering the tank from either one of the home appliances or when the discharge pumps turned off. This allowed odors to exit the vents on both the septic tank and roof. Due to the topography, these gases got pulled down to ground level.

Solution: Simple Solutions Distributing recommended replacing the vent filter on the discharge tank with a larger Super Wolverine vent odor filter and adding the optional solar fan. The filter can eliminate odorous airflows up to 10 cfm, and the solar fan actively vents the tank, reducing the accumulation of sewer gas in the system. 

Result: The customer could enjoy his lake home without nuisance odors. 800-667-8465;


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