Imperial Industries introduces Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator

Imperial Industries introduces Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator

As hydroexcavation grows in popularity, equipment options are more plentiful. No longer are only bulky units designed for the rigors of the wide-open oil fields your only option. Several manufacturers are producing units that offer the power of those big trucks but with maneuverability and the compact footprint to work in tight areas and minimize damage to neighborhoods. Imperial Industries recently unveiled its multipurpose Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator with those ideas in mind.

The truck offers a combination of compact and powerful features, providing the flexibility to take on tough jobs in small spaces. “It’s designed for the business owner who wants to say ‘yes’ to every kind of job — from digging trenches to hauling septic waste, locating gas lines, and everything in between — and perform those jobs efficiently and profitably,” says Kurt Mannel, vice president of Imperial Industries.

Imperial Industries’ intro into the hydroexcavation market is built on a 2018 Peterbilt PACCAR MX-13 body and features 3,600-gallon waste and 215-gallon onboard water capacities, a National Vacuum Equipment 5314 blower offering 1,600 cfm, and three-stage lift hoist. The unit is compact enough to operate within the confines of a typical car wash, according to Mannel. Its 20 gpm jetter is adjustable up to 4,000 psi. It has a stainless steel powder-coated secondary, heavy-duty step bumper, 6-inch air lines, a sight gauge level indicator, and a boom assembly with the option of a reel equipped with up to 300 feet of hose. Units are available in code and noncode options.

“We designed this excavator from the ground up to be an entirely different breed of truck,” Mannel says. “Whether that means working with underground utilities, serving the oil and gas industry, assisting emergency response teams, or simply removing common debris, this truck gets it done. And in most cases, it can all be done with just a single operator.”

To increase versatility even further, the unit includes a 3,800 psi hydrojet attachment to pressure-wash areas prior to operation, and an optional 16-function wireless remote. The remote’s functions, intended to minimize time spent on the job site and maximize the number of jobs handled per day, include full control of boom, jetter, blower and vacuum settings. The unit’s tank is available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.



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