Five Peaks Glacier II Premier offers extra room, popular flushing feature

Five Peaks Glacier II Premier offers extra room, popular flushing feature

Special events and construction sites sometimes request portable restrooms that offer more convenience and cleanliness than a standard unit. In fact, work sites in Europe require flushing portable restrooms in the interest of maintaining high sanitation standards.

While regulations haven’t quite gotten to that point in the U.S., portable restroom manufacturers are getting more requests for flushable units. Five Peaks has answered those requests with the Glacier II Premier. Its design is geared toward providing ample space and convenience, according to Ryan Harris, sales manager for Five Peaks.

“You see a lot of units like this in Canada and Europe because it’s a requirement,” Harris says. “I think the word has spread because these type of units are becoming more popular over here. They are just as easy as a standard unit to clean, but appear more sanitary and comfortable for the people using them.”

The Premier offers a corner tank and hand-wash sink for optimum floor space when needed, such as at special events. The tank’s slope design and round edges makes cleaning and maintenance simple and quick. 

“The biggest request we get from our customers is people want a restroom with more room,” Harris says. “This is our first restroom with a corner tank that offers a flush option. It was designed specifically to give people more room.”

The unit comes standard with a 45-gallon tank, integrated molded urinal, three-roll toilet paper holder and corner shelf. It includes an 11-gallon-capacity freshwater hand-wash sink. The flip lid utilizes an integrated hinge, bowl and upright locking feature for easy servicing.

“Keeping that lid open while you are pumping and cleaning the tank makes things so much easier,” Harris says. “It allows the service professional to keep both their hands free while cleaning, speeding the process along and making it easier.”

The units are constructed in a rugged rotationally molded tank and skid design, with foot pumps conveniently located in alcoves, eliminating exposure to foot traffic. They are also available in nonflushing units. The feedback from those using these units in the field has been gratifying, Harris says.

“People really seem to appreciate the extra room, especially on construction sites where workers may be wearing multiple layers of clothing,” he says. “They want a unit that provides as much comfort as possible. I think the Premier provides that.” 866-293-1502;


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