Vertical pump fit for dewatering applications

Vertical pump fit for dewatering applications
Vertical pump fit for dewatering applications

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It’s no secret that disposal costs continue to increase. That has left many pumpers looking for alternatives, including installing large underground holding tanks and treating their own wastewater. Moving that wastewater around takes heavy-duty equipment, and the Patz Corporation 3333 Multi-Use Vertical Pump, distributed by ScreenCo Systems, is made especially for those raw sewage moving applications.

“If a pumper isn’t going straight to a sewage offload facility, they are typically putting that wastewater in a receiving pit or underground tank for later transport or treatment,” says Paul Kratz, territory OEM sales manager for Patz Corporation. “This pump can very quickly take the fluid out of the pit or tank and transfer it back to a truck or screening system. It is a valuable piece of the dewatering puzzle.”

Impeller blades on the pump have a swept-back design that increases pumping efficiency for flow of up to 500 gpm through a 3-inch PVC pipe. The impeller’s stainless steel stub shaft prevents rust and improves seal life. The optional rotating nozzle for agitation allows the handling of many types of liquid waste and improved pit clean out. The nozzle’s shut-off valve has a stainless steel knife to open and close the port. The users can transfer or load while agitating. An output shut-off valve allows faster pit agitation.

The unit was originally developed for use in the dairy industry, but Scott Meyer, the owner of ScreenCo Systems, saw an obvious use in the septic field. “Meyer originally called us about using our belt conveyors with his screening systems, but when he saw the 3333 Vertical Pump, he said it would be perfect for loading wastewater back onto trucks following the screening process,” says Kratz. “It can also be used to mix the tank before pumping, which helps keep the tank cleaner.”

A choice of electric motors (3, 5, 7½ or 10 hp) and pulleys is available to match output requirements. The tapered-bore drive pulley mounts to a 1 1/8-inch drive shaft with a greaseable flange bearing at the top of the drive tube. A lip seal below this bearing keeps contaminants out of the drive tube. An attaching eye, located on top of the pump, allows for easy insertion and removal of the unit in the pit with a tractor loader, skid-steer loader or winch. A steel plate is included as standard equipment to precisely position the pump to match the pit depth.

“The septic field is a new fit for us, and we’re excited to explore it,” says Kratz. “With so many pumpers storing and treating their own wastewater now, we think it’s a great fit.” 208/790-8770;


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