Wittig RFL 102 vacuum pump from Gardner Denver provides high vacuum in smaller footprint

Wittig RFL 102 vacuum pump from Gardner Denver provides high vacuum in smaller footprint
Sheila Parkhill, marketing manager for Gardner Denver, discusses the features of the Wittig RFL 102 vacuum pump with a 2016 WWETT Show attendee. The pump provides 24 inches Hg of continuous vacuum, while fitting into a smaller footprint than its predecessors. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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The ability to load and off-load quickly can equal more appointments per day, which means profit for a pumper. Scheduling more appointments per day can also mean fewer weekend calls, providing much-needed rest and recovery.

That’s why the Wittig RFL 102 vacuum pump, displayed by Gardner Denver at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, makes sense for the pumper looking to add more pulling power.

“The RFL 102 is a pump that increases power, but also cuts down on the overall footprint, freeing up space on the truck,” says Gardner Denver product manager Jason Costigan. “It’s smaller than its predecessor, the RFL 100, while providing 24 inches Hg of continuous vacuum.”

The RFL 102 is an air-cooled, oil-lubricated compact rotary vane vacuum pump. Its deeper vacuum allows pumpers to work with a longer hose, providing more flexibility at job sites. Increased power also gives the user increased working depth, providing the ability to pull material from deeper tanks. It also offers up to 25 percent faster load and off-load times than previous Gardner Denver models, making the workday more efficient.

“Our RFL 100 is a great legacy product, but as we see more equipment going on these trucks, you need more space open,” says Costigan. “We hope that the RFL 102 proves to be as popular and long-lasting in the industry as the RFL 100.”

The unit is available in multiple drive applications, including PTO, gearbox or hydraulic drive. Its durable oil tank has a movable mounting bracket or remote mount option, allowing for custom space saving. Dual cooling fans allow the pump to run cooler, providing longer pump life. According to Costigan, in addition to septic service, the pump is a fit for grease trap pumping, holding pits, cesspools, oil well service, and biosolids transfer and removal.

“Basically, any situation where you’d need to pump and transfer wastewater, this pump will fit,” he says. “That’s why it’s such a great product for this particular show. Every application where this pump is a fit is represented at WWETT.”
While the RFL 102 is now available from Gardner Denver, the model on the Indianapolis show floor in February was merely a prototype. That didn’t stop excited attendees from wanting to bring it home, though.

“So many people I talked with at the show asked how soon they could get one,” says Costigan. “That tells me that we made the right choice highlighting this model, and that people in this industry are excited to get it on their trucks.”Costigan says he’s happy with how the show went for his company, and he says they plan to be back at the 2017 show with an even more diverse array of products.

“We are in the process of bringing every product line we produce under the Gardner Denver name, so that’s exciting,” says Costigan. “We will definitely be back, and have solutions to fit even more applications in the future.” 866/376-8181; www.gardnerdenver.com.


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