Filtration Tubes Used To Remove Sediment From Pond

Filtration Tubes Used To Remove Sediment From Pond
Envirotubes from Industrial Fabrics

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Problem: A community pond in Lenexa, Kansas, deteriorated, became an eyesore and could no longer sustain aquatic life due to a growing sediment problem. It was determined that approximately 6,000 cubic yards of sediment would need to be removed to bring the pond back to a healthy state.

Solution: Envirotubes from Industrial Fabrics were used to clean the pond with minimum erosion and hauling. The tubes were staged so that 12 mil reinforced single-piece liner was placed on the lowest terrace that had a 24-inch earthen berm built on three sides. The liner was draped over the berm and placed up and over the terrace to the next level. A sump well 24 inches deep was excavated in the corner closest to the project pond to collect decant water and return it back to the pond using a self-priming diesel pump with a 4-inch valve. All terraces were graded flat for the tube with a 5-foot perimeter graded at a 1/8-inch-per-foot slope to drain the water to the next lower terrace – or in the case of the lowest terrace – to the sump corner.

Result: The sediment was removed, and after a 120-day dewatering and dehydration period, the material shrunk at a ratio of 3-to-1 so that only 2,000 of the 6,000 cubic yards removed had to be taken away. Since a neighboring property owner was looking to add elevation to a sunken area, the remaining hardened sediment was used as fill. 800/848-4500;


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