Camera System Removes Blind Spots When Operating Vacuum Loader In Rail Switchyards

Camera System Removes Blind Spots When Operating Vacuum Loader In Rail Switchyards
The three-camera system option from Guzzler Manufacturing

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Designed to eliminate blind spots when operating the High-Rail vacuum loader on railroad tracks in switchyards, the three-camera system option from Guzzler Manufacturing provides the operator in the rear-mounted chair with a clear view of his surroundings.

“The rear of the unit becomes the front when operating the High-Rail in a rail switchyard,” says Ben Schmitt, product manager for Guzzler. “When the operator is on the rail he can only see in front of him. He can’t see what’s behind.”

Typically a two-member crew will have active tracks nearby or support vehicles on the rail behind them that are difficult to see when operating the loading. A worker also might be on the rail as a supervisor or assistant, walking beside the loader toward the operator and could be inadvertently struck by either a swinging boom or the truck itself when it backs up.

“Our goal is to improve visibility, allowing the operator to see equipment on the rail behind him or to see people walking beside the truck,” he says.

Available on new models of the High-Rail, the camera system includes a 7-inch, weatherproof LCD monitor visible in bright sunlight and cameras mounted on the front and sides of the vacuum truck to provide a wide, real-time view, even in extreme weather conditions. The operator can simultaneously monitor the view from each camera on the LCD screen, including the rear of the truck, passenger and driver-side blind spots. Covers protect the camera lenses when transporting the vacuum loader from job site to job site.

“It’s basically like a backup camera in your car,” Schmitt says. “The camera automatically comes on when operating on the rails. The operator who could only see in front of him can now see 360 degrees around the truck. It provides a lot more safety for the operator, the equipment and everyone around him.”

The High-Rail loader quickly converts to operate on rails or roads and features a loading boom, hydrostatic creep drive and rear-mounted operator chair. It can remove ballast, contaminated materials and spills from rail beds. Material is stored in the collection tank for treatment, disposal or reuse. 800/627-3171;


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