Septage Disposal Management

Septage Disposal Management
The Mobile Dewatering Truck (MDT) from ABCO Industries Limited

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Sludge Treatment

Skid-mounted decanter centrifuge system

The ALSYS skid-mounted decanter centrifuge system from Alfa Laval can be trailer-mounted for added mobility and flexibility. Automatic operation eliminates the need for continuous monitoring. A central control panel ensures trouble-free, safe operation. Pretested modules have rapid commissioning by Alfa Laval field service. The system features the ALDEC and G2 decanter centrifuge range, with custom sizes available. 866/253-2528;

Liquid live bacteria

PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories are a blend of microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. The product contains more than 30 strains of bacteria to resolve problems in grease traps. It rapidly breaks down and removes fats, oils and grease that build up in drainlines and grease traps. The blend is a unique mixture of live bacteria, not spores. Regular treatment reduces trap surface solids, making pumpouts more cost-effective. 800/326-7867;

Lagoon agitator

The Lagoon Crawler from Nuhn Industries can be driven by remote control into a pit to perform agitation. There are two-speed hydraulic wheel drives for transporting on land and crawling out of a lagoon. It is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine (John Deere available upon request) that powers 10,000 gpm agitation. There are seven agitator jets; one on the front, two on the rear and four on the sides for steering. The agitation cuts through tough crusts. The pump is submerged in the lagoon so no priming is required. The header pump can build pressure and move high volumes. The 750 ft-lbs of torque and aggressive tire treads allow it to climb steep, slippery lagoon slopes. 877/837-7323;

Wastewater inoculant

Munox SR environmentally friendly wastewater inoculant from One Biotechnology contains healthy microbes that remediate fresh or weathered surface oil spills on water and land. The microorganisms in this product were extracted from once-contaminated sites. These pathogen-free cultures convert metabolized petroleum into carbon dioxide and water, and are effective on a variety of petroleum products and byproducts such as bunker fuel, crude oil and gasoline. They are ideal in cases where petroleum hydrocarbon spills require prompt bioremediation. It is a versatile product that can also be mixed into soil or sand, or sprayed onto oily surfaces from a boat or aircraft. 800/951-4246;

Dewatering Equipment

Mobile dewatering truck

The Mobile Dewatering Truck (MDT) from ABCO Industries Limited conditions incoming sludge with a polymer, while the onboard filter system separates solids and liquids. The solids are stored in a holding chamber on the truck, while the liquid filtrate – along with its useful bacterial cargo – is returned for normal on-site treatment. The solids on the truck can be disposed of at an approved composting or land application site. The truck can be outfitted with a high-pressure jetting system for clean-out applications and can also be used as a conventional vacuum truck. 902/634-8821;

Booster pump trailer

The Booster Pump Trailer from Bazooka Technology is compact and has an integrated fuel tank to allow for easy mobility and transportation on and off the field. The single continuous fuel tank holds up to 250 gallons and can be filled from either side of the trailer. It is manufactured entirely from 5/16-inch steel, making it impervious to light and durable in harsh environments. The 10,000-pound Torflex axle option offers two super single tires for easy maneuverability and less compaction in the field. The 14,000-pound tandem spring axle option offers four high-capacity 18-ply tires capable of accommodating 500 hp engines or larger. It is compatible with all sizes of John Deere and Fiat Powertrain Technologies engines. 800/775-7448;

Mobile rotary lobe pump

Mobile rotary lobe self-priming, valveless, positive-displacement pumps from Boerger are used for rapid deployment of floodwater, stormwater, domestic wastewater, industrial effluents and biosolids, spills, and digester and lagoon clean up. Twenty pump models in six series are offered with pulsation-free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates to 5,000 gpm. All wear parts can be replaced through the front cover without removal of piping or drive systems. 612/435-7300;

Trailer-mounted belt filter press

The 1.7-meter, trailer-mounted belt filter press unit from Bright Technologies has an insulated control room for operator comfort and security. The control room offers insulated FRP walls, air conditioning, electric heat, a refrigerator, stainless steel desk, tool storage, locker, closed circuit TV and remote operator controls. The modular design allows the room to be custom manufactured to fit most single-drop trailers. Units are made for rapid setup, with folding conveyor and operator walkways. No special lifting equipment is required. 800/253-0532;

Dewatering Equipment

Dewatering container filter

Sludge Mate container filters from Flo Trend Systems can dewater a variety of sludge and waste such as alum, ferric, lagoon and digested sludge, septic tank, grease trap and slaughterhouse waste, wastewater residual and sump bottoms. The closed-system design provides odor control, no spillage, reduced maintenance, and weather independence. They have 10-gauge reinforced walls and a seven-gauge steel floor. Options include peaked roofs with gasketed bolted-down access hatches, drainage ports, inlet manifolds, floor filters and side-to-side rolling tarps. They dewater onsite, are available in roll-offs, trailer and tipping-stand mounted configurations, and have capacities of 5 to 40 cubic yards. 713/699-0152;

Rotary dewatering press

The rotary press from Fournier Industries uses two slowly rotating screens to create a 2-inch channel that the sludge passes through as it dewaters. A pressure restrictor on the outlet allows for the operator to vary the degree of cake dryness in the final product. It has few components and is designed for ease of maintenance. The totally enclosed design mitigates odors and allows for the operator to stay out of direct contact with the sludge. The control system allows for unattended operation, and it can be equipped with a single dewatering channel, expandable up to six channels on a single machine. It has low power usage, noise levels, and water use, along with a compact footprint. 952/288-5771;

Submersible trash pump

The S3T 3-inch hydraulic-drive submersible trash pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps fits into 12-inch openings for use where lightweight, high-volume trash pumps are needed. A small-hole water strainer is available for jobs with limited solids. When combined with HT11 to HT15 power units, the pump is capable of flows up to 380 gpm. The safe and variable-speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. 570/645-3779;

Horizontal sludge-dewatering system

The horizontal sludge-dewatering system from In The Round Dewatering has a stainless steel drum with perforated plastic tile lining. The drum is mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transportation and unloading. Water trays have been configured to allow for containment of discharge water. A typical batch of sludge consisting of 18,000 to 25,000 gallons is mixed with polymer before being filtered in the rotating drum. The drum is driven by a 1/2 hp variable-speed electric motor with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. The turning eliminates crusting and wet pockets, producing uniform, consistent results. The dewatered material dumps easily and the drum is self-cleaning. The sludge is ready for disposal after one night. 317/539-7304;

Rotary fan press

The slow revolution of the Prime Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution (1 to 2 rpm) minimizes the energy required during operation. Depending on the model, the system uses 0.75 to 13 hp. The waterjet design of the filter screen minimizes blockage, reducing the amount of wash water required. Operating the self-cleaning feature once daily uses little wash water, resulting in additional cost savings. It reduces energy use, water consumption and hauling costs to minimize carbon emissions. It offers easy and fast startup and shutdown, and minimal operator attention. Pressure increases as biosolids move slowly through a tapered channel. Friction intensifies as the material compresses against two rotating filter screens. Filtrate drains through the screens. Cake averages 18 to 24 percent solids and reaches up to 60 percent in some applications. 269/694-6666;

Receiving screen system

The high-capacity dual-screen receiving  system from Screenco Systems is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel screens. Its dual-screen design has two screens on opposing angles, with a self-cleaning front screen. The stainless steel 3/8-inch open bar screen has 19.5 square feet of screening area for cleaner biosolids. There are two models available – one sits over any open pit, while the standalone unit can be set up virtually anywhere. The system allows for gravity offloading at 500 gpm through the 4-inch dump hose that slides out of pivoting hose insert. The standalone unit has a 6-inch high-capacity outlet. A fan spreader deflects septage and grease interceptor waste down onto the screens. Raking trash onto the garbage drain tray for disposal is easy. 208/790-8770;

Land Application

Land application jet

The Super Pump MXjet from GEA Farm Technologies (Houle USA) offers ideal agitation power. The positioning of the nozzle on the directional valve gives access to the sludge in the agitation area, with minimal restriction, higher velocity and more power. It is offered in many configurations. 819/477-7444;

Flotation biosolids applicator

The Eliminator flotation biosolids applicator from Stahly Applicators is available for 2,500- through 6,000-gallon vacuum tanks in steel, stainless steel or aluminum with a Moro or Borger pump and traditional four- or five-knife injector or up to 25-tine Kongskilde injectors. Biosolids applicators are available from a basic broadcast unit to a GPS-equipped auto steer “as-applied mapping” system on a choice of chassis. 800/678-2459;

Storage Tanks/Trailers

Water storage tank

Flowtite water storage tanks from Containment Solutions are watertight between the access collar and the access riser, eliminating infiltration and exfiltration contamination. The access opening is typically the most vulnerable entry point for contaminants into any water storage system. 936/756-7731;

Folding frame tank

Folding Frame Tanks from Husky Portable Containment are available in steel or aluminum frames with size and material options (including EXLON). Easy-Lift Handles are installed on all liners, enabling easy and quick folding and easy removal of liquids. The folding frames are pinch-free. 800/260-9950;

Storage Tanks/Trailers

Aluminum vacuum trailer

MRK6000 Series aluminum vacuum trailers from Im-perial Industries come stand-ard with a 6,000-gallon aluminum tank (6,300-gallon units are available). They feature full-length aluminum hose trays, external ribs, three topside 20-inch aluminum manways, a 12-inch primary with a 4-inch air line, a 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, LED running lights, a Henderson INTRAAX AAT 25K suspension, leveling height control, an air-ride suspension, Haldex slack adjusters and optional full-length catwalk with hand rails. 800/558-2945;

Polyethylene water tank

Polyethylene water tanks from Romotech have gallon indicators and translucent walls for level viewing. Larger rounded tanks are equipped with molded-in legs for tank support. Tank sizes range from 8 to 525 gallons. They are made from FDA-approved natural polyethylene material that is UV-stabilized for outdoor storage. All tanks have slots for tie-down straps (straps not included), and are equipped with a 3/4-inch bulkhead fitting. All 8- to 125-gallon tanks are equipped with a 5-inch lid, while 325- to 525-gallon tanks are equipped with a 12-inch lid. 574/831-6450;

Low-profile tank

Low-profile Dominator tanks from Snyder Industries can be buried without water being used for ballast and strength, and can be backfilled with native soils as long as those soils are trash-free and free-flowing. The tanks can also be used as holding tanks, and pump tank versions are also available. They are one piece, with no seams that might leak or structurally fail after installation. They are available in 750-, 1,000-, 1,250- and 1,500-gallon sizes, as one- or two-compartment tanks. The monolithic structural design provides ideal top load strength, and a manway isolation design keeps manholes from distorting during backfill and pumpouts. They are also available as 1,200- and 1,700-gallon water cisterns. 402/467-5221;


Open-top roll-off dewatering unit

The ADS 30-yard dewatering unit from AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems can be filled with 22,000 to 25,000 gallons of liquid waste at 1 to 2 percent solids in about two hours. After draining for 24 hours, the unit can be hauled to a landfill or other permitted facility for disposal. Sludge volume can be reduced by 80 percent with reductions to 98 percent in BOD, COD, FOG and TSS. Effluent is clear and sewerable. The unit has few moving parts and includes a roll-over tarp system; sliding aluminum splash guard; side, floor and center screens; 1/4-inch floor plate; seven-gauge side plates; four door binder ratchets; eight drain ports; two inlet ports; and a long-handle scraper. It can be hauled using a standard-capacity roll-off truck. It is also available in a 15-yard size. 979/245-5656;

Two-box roll-off trailer

The Two-Box Roll-off Trailer from Benlee is designed to carry two 24-foot sludge, vacuum or other style roll-off containers with a gross vehicle weight rating of 80,000 pounds. The main frame is manufactured from 80,000-pound minimum yield material, and rides on 25,000-pound 102-inch-wide axles, 11R22.5 steel-belted 16-ply tires and an air-ride suspension. The hydraulic system utilizes 1-inch-diameter 3,000 psi hoses along with heavy-wall 1-inch Chromium Trivalent-plated tubing for anticorrosion and fast hydraulics. A toolbox with a step, LED lighting, aluminum fenders, a secondary in-line ABS secondary filter, spring-loaded brake control and “Wheel Check” lug-nut indicators come standard. 734/722-8100;

Roll-top roll-off sludge container

Roll-top roll-off sludge containers from Custom Manufacturing store and transport a wide variety of waste. They have continuously welded seams, a fully gasketed rear door, a knife-edge seal, adjustable hinges, ratchet binders, secondary release grab handles located on the bottom side of the door, and 3/16-inch walls and floor. Each lid measures 5 by 7 feet, with a 1- by 2-inch closed-cell gasket. One lid rolls to the bulkhead end and one rolls to rear door end, leaving access to the center of the container. Units can be customized with either a top- or side-hinge rear door. 405/692-6311;

Configurable roll-off trailer

The A5-200 Series roll-off trailer from Galbreath, a Wastequip brand, has a container size capacity of 26 feet and can handle payloads from 33,000 to 39,000 pounds. The trailer is available in outside rail, extendable tail, inside/outside rail and deadlift configurations. It includes two telescoping cylinders that handle up to 60,000 pounds. Options include tarping systems, aluminum hubs, aluminum or poly fenders, work lights, inside cab controls, automatic grease systems and toolboxes. 877/468-9278;


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