Onsite Septic Systems and Maintenance

For septic service contractors interested in expanding their operations into the installation and maintenance of onsite systems, here are several tanks, components and bacteria products to help serve customers.
Onsite Septic Systems and Maintenance
Large-capacity septic tank

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For septic service contractors interested in expanding their operations into the installation and maintenance of onsite systems, here are several tanks, components and bacteria products to help serve customers.


Large-capacity septic tank

The IM-1530 large-capacity tank from Infiltrator Systems is a lightweight, durable and watertight tank providing strength in a two-piece design. It features an integral heavy-duty lid and TW Riser system, structurally reinforced access ports, reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass support posts to provide additional strength. No special installation, backfill or water filling procedures are required. The two-piece design allows the tank halves to nest, reducing freight costs. 800/221-4436; www.infiltratorsystems.com.

Lightweight plastic tank

The J-500-800PLT plastic tank from Jet Inc. offers a lightweight alternative to concrete J-1500 Series BAT Media Plants. The tank offers variable treatment capacity from 500 to 800 gpd. They are rotational molded using lightweight, polyethylene material to offer a seamless tank for strength and durability. They are easy to transport, can be installed in difficult site conditions, and are locally supported by a global network of trained and certified distributors. 800/321-6960; www.jetincorp.com.

Versatile tank

The MultiTank from Roth Global Plastics can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank applications. This is possible due to its inner layer of FDA-approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of polyethylene for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized polyethylene. Features include CSA, NSF and IAPMO certification, a COEX-4 multilayer co-extrusion process, a low-profile design that means less digging and avoidance of a high-water table, lightweight construction, a multi-port inlet/outlet convenient for field piping, the ability to enter and exit the tank on the ends or sides, two 24-inch manways to provide easy access for maintenance and service, a cylindrical shape that requires no water for backfill, a threaded riser system and water-tight seamless construction. 866/943-7256; www.rothmultitank.com.


Pipe-leaching system

The GEO-flow HDPE pipe-leaching system from Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. promotes an oxygen-rich environment for increased biomat activity. It is comprised of a combination of a 10-inch-diameter, single-wall high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated pipe, surrounded in a polypropylene grid, both encased in geotextile fabric. This design creates equal distribution and enhances biological reduction of wastewater before it leaves this pipe system. Its test-proven treatment capability supports the system sizing reductions required by many state health departments. 800/821-6710; www.ads-pipe.com.

Wastewater treatment system

MicroFAST wastewater treatment systems (500 to more than 9,000 gpd) from Bio-Microbics are recommended for individual, small community and commercial applications. These “fixed integrated treatment technologies are integrated into standard septic tanks and do not require additional space. Alternate modes of operation include recirculation of nitrified wastewater to the primary settling chamber for denitrification and (with the SFR feature) intermittent operation of the blower to reduce electricity usage up to 45 percent and improved nitrogen performance (in specific situations). They offer alternate, advanced treatment with higher levels of nitrogen removal to provide onsite wastewater treatment for new construction or retrofits to existing systems. The effluent meets secondary quality requirements and can be distributed to soil treatment systems or water reuse applications. 800/753-3278; www.biomicrobics.com.

Advanced treatment system

The AdvanTex AX-RT Series of advanced treatment system from Orenco Systems is designed for system repair and rehabilitation. All interior components are pre-plumbed, installed and adjusted at the factory. The unit can be shallowly buried for use between a functional, watertight septic tank and functioning drainfield. Its four-in-one design includes recirculation, treatment, discharge and disinfection in a single unit to simplify installation and eliminate the need for additional tanks, basins, risers and lids. The system can be maintained with an annual service call. Filters and textile media are accessible and cleanable. Panels are touch-safe. No blower is needed for the passively vented system. A UV disinfection unit is available. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com.

Marine sanitation device

MarineFAST marine sanitation devices (certified Type II MSDs) from Scienco/FAST are designed for treatment of blackwater and graywater on vessels and offshore platforms, and can be installed on floating homes, houseboats, riverboat casinos/hotels, all types of work boats and tugboats, to provide total sewage treatment, pretreatment and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. They produce effluent having fecal coliform bacteria no greater than 200 cfu per 100 mL and TSS no greater than 150 mg/L. All devices must be U.S. Coast Guard-certified for vessels with galley and toilet facilities. They must comply with the 33 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 159 to prevent discharge of untreated sewage from vessels into the waters of the United States. 314/756-9300; www.sciencofast.com.


Septic safety lid riser

Septic tank lid risers from Tuf-Tite feature internal supports or ledges to support internal plastic safety lids. The ledges will support the company’s plastic internal safety lids or a variety of internal safety devices made by others, such as concrete, fiberglass or rope netting. The riser lids come with all necessary mounting hardware including safety screws. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com.


Septic tank lid

Seal-r septic tank lids from BrenLin Company create a strong seal between the septic tank and the riser, effectively eliminating water infiltration between the riser and the tank. They are made of durable materials, range from 12 to 42 inches, and can be personalized with a company’s information. The 42-inch lid meets growing demand for bigger risers to accommodate new technology equipment. 888/606-1998; www.seal-r.com.

Septic lid cover

Dekorra Products 108, 111 and 112 model septic tank lid covers are designed to fit over lids up to 25 inches in diameter and risers up to 4 inches in height with the 108 model, 30 inches in diameter and risers up to 6 inches in height with the 112 model, or up to 12 inches with the 111 model. Models include realistic RealRock detailed design, available in four colors, and include plastic stakes for securing the rocks to the ground. Each model includes a built-out area to assist with covering junction boxes attached to the side of risers or lids, making them ideal for covering unsightly items in landscaping. Models have available Pro-R foam-walled construction insulating value of R-3, except the 108 model. Weighing 10 pounds, access and routine service or pumping is easily achieved. The covers are durable, won’t fade in the sun or crack in cold weather, and are made of recycled material. 888/635-8585; www.dekorraproducts.com.

Polyethylene septic tank cover

Polyethylene septic tank covers from Hedstrom Plastics fit standard 18- and 24-inch double-wall corrugated pipe. Gaskets and safety hardware are included, with a safety net available. Covers can be filled with sand on site for added weight. Foam-filled lids are available upon request. Covers can be customized with a company name and are available with a tank adapter. 888/434-5891; www.hedstromplastics.com.


Outdoor post alarm

The AlarmBot outdoor post alarm from CSI Controls features a clear alarm beacon and high-intensity red flashing LEDs for maximum visibility. It also has a weatherproof enclosure, safe and dependable 12-volt operation, four alternating high-intensity red flashing alarm LEDs viewable from 360 degrees, beep-tone audible with on/test/silent switch, and a universal plug to allow easy installation of any piggyback plug. It is factory sealed to help isolate gases and moisture. Pump and alarm power can be separated. The alarm can be mounted on 4-inch electrical conduit. 800/363-5842; www.csicontrols.com.

Exterior alarm with auxiliary contacts

The exterior alarm with auxiliary contacts from Septronics features a removable terminal board and effortless and straightforward alarm wiring. Units contain a power-on indicator light, and manual-reset-horn silence toggle switch. The latching relay allows the light to remain on until the toggle reset is activated. It is an ideal addition to an alarm used on rental units where notifications need to go to another location. Mounting brackets are included for a wall mount. Pedestals are available where the wiring is connected through to the tank. It can be ordered as a high- or low-liquid level alarm. 262/567-9030; www.septronicsinc.com.

Pedestal alarm system

The Observer 100 from SPI - Septic Products Inc. is a pedestal alarm system in a watertight, NEMA 3R UV-Protected PVC enclosure rated for outdoor use. Features include a low-profile design, easy-to-access cover, large access port with gas/liquid tight seal for cord connections, 120 VAC alarm with 9 VDC battery backup, alarm horn (85 dB at 10 feet), alarm light, external test/normal/silence switch, auxiliary contacts, a 20-foot mechanical alarm float, and a choice of a 120 VAC or 240 VAC pump power supply receptacle. A cycle counter, elapsed time meter and/or push breaker are optional. 419/282-5933; www.septicproducts.com.


Sewage pump panel

WS Series simplex and duplex control panels from See Water are advanced pre-engineered systems that meet contractor and end user needs. The panels are equipped with integrated control circuitry, and quality components. Panels are UL listed in the United States and Canada. Models include demand or timed dosing, and are intrinsically safe. 888/733-9283; www.seewaterinc.com.

Easy-to-install control panel

EZ Series control panels from SJE-Rhombus combine circuit board technology with easy operation for demand, timed dose and data logging installations. Each panel features a NEMA 4X enclosure, locking latch, red LED alarm beacon on cover, external indicators for control power, alarm power and pump run, external test/silence switch, digital display, menu buttons, large terminal block, circuit breakers and pump run relay. The digital display features float status, elapsed-time pump run, cycle counter, alarm counts, float-error counts, timer-override count (time-dosed only) and on/off times (time-dosed only). An optional mounting post with removable access door for easy wiring can be mounted directly into the ground, over a 4- by 4-inch post or conduit for quick, easy installation. Data logging models are designed to quickly connect to a PC for system programming, monitoring and reporting. They are UL listed for the U.S. and Canada. 888/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.

Pumps (Effluent/Sewage/Sump/Aeration)

Grinder pump

The 2 hp grinder pump from Champion Pump provides up to 133 feet TDH and flows up to 42 gpm. It features a double-seal configuration with a seal-failure alarm option. The starting components are optional, eliminating the need for expensive control panels. Also available in a three-phase system, its quick-disconnect cord is available up to 50 feet, allowing it to be replaced without disturbing the wiring in the panel and conduit. It is offered as a packaged system complete with guide rails built to specifications. 800/659-4491; www.championpump.com.

Effluent turbine pump

Effluent turbine pumps from Clarus Environmental are available in capacities from 11 to 85 gpm, with heads up to 500 feet. Pumps range from 1/2 to 3 hp. The 1/2 hp pumps are available in 115 or 230 volts, and are powered by Franklin Electric motors. They feature discharges of 1 1/4 inches for 11, 19 and 27 gpm models, and 2 inches for 35, 55 and 85 gpm models. Starting boxes are not required for pumps 1 1/2 hp and below, but are included with 2 and 3 hp models. They come standard with a 10-inch jacketed cord, but cord lengths up to 100 inches are available. It is recommended that all Clarus pumps are installed in a filtered STEP vault or in a pump tank receiving filtered effluent from a septic tank filter. 800/928-7867; www.clarusenvironmental.com.

Submersible cistern pump

C1 Series stainless steel submersible cistern pumps from Franklin Electric are used in graywater/filtered effluent septic system applications, and pass solids up to 1/8 inch in diameter without impacting pump life. Constructed of a 304 stainless steel motor and outer shell with engineered polymer hydraulics providing corrosion resistance and abrasive handling, features include a thermoplastic discharge head to avoid breakage during installation and operation, and a removable 5-inch-wide base for secure and reliable mounting. The motor lead connection is protected with a rubber boot and secured with a stainless steel strain relief, and its bottom-suction design allows for maximum fluid drawdown without compromising durability or pump life. Pumps are available with 115- or 230-volt, 1/2 hp single-phase motor, in flow ratings of 10, 20 and 30 gpm, and a maximum shut-off pressure of more than 100 psi. 800/269-0063; www.franklin-electric.com.

Hydraulic submersible shredder pump

The S4SHR 4-inch hydraulic submersible shredder pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps is designed to continuously rip and shear solids with a 360-degree shredding action. Its carbide-tipped impeller and hardened macerator suction plate produce a violent shredding action that keeps the discharge open. A guide rail assembly is available for stationary applications. Combined with Hydra-Tech HT15 to HT35 power units, the pump is capable of flows up to 810 gpm. The safe and variable-speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. 570/645-3779; www.hydra-tech.com.

Pressurized grinding system

The InviziQ pressure sewer system uses grinding and pumping to move sewage efficiently to treatment facilities regardless of the terrain, slope, environmental sensitivity or topography. It offers a dry-well design and clean access to the system motor and other working parts. Network monitoring and control is built in. 513/226-6961; www.inviziq.com.

Residential grinder pump

The ProVore grinder pump from Liberty Pumps is designed for use in residential applications where the addition of a bathroom or other fixtures below sewer lines requires pumping. It features the same V-Slicecutter technology utilized in Omnivore Series 2 hp grinder pumps. Powered by a 1 hp motor, it is designed to operate on a standard 115- or 230-volt circuit requiring a 20-amp breaker. No special wiring is needed. Compact factory-assembled systems are available in both simplex and duplex versions. 800/543-2550; www.libertypumps.com.

Pump exerciser

The Exerciser from Motor Protection Electronics is designed to exercise a sump or sewage pump that may sit dormant for extended periods of time. It will energize the pump for approximately three seconds, every seven days, as well as run the pump whenever the float switch closes for normal pump operation. It detects anything that would keep the pump from turning freely, and monitors both the motor in-rush current and the motor run current. When a fault is detected, it turns off the sump pump, flashes the Run/Fault LED and closes the alarm relay contact. It can be used with piggyback pumps. 407/299-3825; www.mpelectronics.com.

Submersible aerator

The MAXAIR500 submersible aerator from Septic Services features corrosion-resistant stainless steel legs with thick rubber feet to provide added stability. A continuous-duty maintenance-free motor is thermally protected in a fully enclosed stainless steel and powder-coated outer shell. An integrated high-impact plastic handle built into the top of the unit provides easier installation into the tank. The unit is prewired with a 15-foot power cord to easily connect to an existing electrical connection at the tank. 800/536-5564; www.septicserv.com/store.

Durable grinder pump

MVP Series grinder pumps from Weber Industries - Webtrol Pumps are constructed from type 304 stainless steel and cast iron. The hardened, anti-wear grinding ring and cutter and recessed, cast-iron vortex impeller are designed to provide years of trouble-free service. This series features double mechanical seals, as well as potted epoxy cord seals, to prevent water intrusion into the motor, extending the life of the pump. They are available in 1 and 2 hp, with up to 100 feet TDH. 800/769-7867; www.webtrol.com.

Drainfield Media

Biofiltration system

Compact Monafil from Anua is a zero-energy biofiltration system utilizing specialized media for removing odors, VOCs, sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds. The properties of the granular high-density peat media have proven to be a key factor in achieving high-performance removal and extended media life. It also uses recycled shell-based media to maintain a neutral pH within the prepackaged biofilter. The peat and shells ensure optimal odor control while simplifying operation and enhancing reliability. The technology has been used successfully for more than 20 years in odor-control applications. 800/787-2356; www.anua-us.com.

Bacteria/Chemicals – Septic

Bacterial septic system maintenance

ECO SEPT septic system maintenance from Bionetix International contains several strains of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria and bacterial enzymes. Each strain is specialized in degrading various organic materials comprised of proteins, fats and carbohydrates found in septic systems. Biological nutrients and stimulants such as vital minerals and vitamins are inserted to increase the livelihood of the existing ecosystem. The use of weed killers, bleaches and antimicrobials reduce the biomass in the septic system. The product will maintain a high microbiological community and increase biodegradation efficiency of organic material such as toilet paper, oils, fats, greases and other organic waste. This will decrease pumping frequencies and keep the leaching field clear. It can be put down any drain that leads to the septic system, and will help maintain free-flowing drains as the bacteria adhere to the drain walls. 514/457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com.

Septic system treatment

Bio-Tab from Century Chemical Corp. is a highly concentrated tablet of bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic) and enzymes that acts as a biological activator for septic tanks. The combination of tablet form and technologically advanced chemistry assures consistent product performance and dosage. The concentrated time-release tablets allow homeowners to easily treat septic systems without the inconvenience of messy liquids or dusty powders. When added to the septic system, the tablet sinks to the bottom of the tank where there’s little or no oxygen. Here, the bacteria solubilize solids and sludge. The liquid then passes into the drainfield to be absorbed into the ground. Liquid waste is exposed to air, where aerobic bacteria continues the breakdown process. This allows the natural filter action of surrounding ground to continue and absorb and purify waste. 800/348-3505; www.centurychemical.com.

Septic tank bacteria treatment

Chempace Corporation’s bioForce is a septic tank bacteria treatment that breaks down organic waste and grease to promote proper system function and eliminate odor. Bacteria strains are highly specialized to digest fats, oil, protein, starch and carbohydrates. As bacteria feed, they grow and reproduce, continuing to break waste down into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Factors such as overuse of disinfectants, bleach, detergents and antibacterial products kill the microorganisms that work to keep septic systems running properly. Regular applications replenish these microorganisms and allow natural activity to continue. It is environmentally safe, contains no corrosive chemicals, caustic or acids, and is packaged in premeasured water-soluble pouches. 800/423-5350; www.chempace.com.

Septic treatment and cleaner

Drainbo septic treatment and cleaner keeps septic systems clean and clear with three paths of action. First it treats all drainlines in the home. Next it increases the digestion in the septic tank through a multi-strain biological formula. Finally it guards against system failure by digesting and removing leachfield sludge deposits that impede the ability of the liquid to disperse and evaporate. It is a USDA-Certified Biobased Product. Private labeling is available. 877/372-4626; www.drainbo.com.

Liquid live bacteria

PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories are a blend of microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. The product contains more than 30 strains of bacteria to resolve problems in grease traps. It results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in drainlines and grease traps. The blend is a unique mixture of live bacteria, not spores. Regular treatment reduces trap surface solids, making pumpouts more cost-effective. 800/326-7867; www.propump.com.

Septic system treatment

NuTank septic system treatment from J & J Chemical Co. is designed to replenish the enzymes in a septic tank. Using concentrations of billions of specific bacteria, it is engineered to break down solids, scum and sludge for a healthier septic system. Using it monthly will help reduce the potential for backup and costly repairs such as drainfield damage. It boosts the progression of aerobic digestion, even battling harsh detergents and antibacterial products. Once a month, simply toss one self-dissolving packet into a drain or toilet and wash or flush down. It is safe for plumbing and environmentally friendly. It comes prepackaged in 12 packets per jar and 12 jars per case. Company contact information can be added to each jar. 800/345-3303; www.jjchem.com.

Premeasured septic treatment packets

Premeasured, septic treatment packets from Lenzyme/Trap-Cleer are lightweight, compact for distributing and easy for homeowners to use. Product directions are in English and Spanish. The powder product is effective in cold weather, has a five-year shelf life, and a treatment reminder calendar is included in every box, as are reorder cards for contractors and educational septic and drain brochures. The box is designed for simple feed-out of packets. 800/223-3083; www.lenzyme.com.

Disinfection tablets

Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets from Norweco are formulated to provide safe, efficient and reliable disinfection of water or wastewater flows. Manufactured from pure calcium hypochlorite, they dissolve slowly and evenly, providing effective and economical bacteria killing power. Each tablet contains a minimum of 70 percent available chlorine to ensure maximum effectiveness. They are a dependable, long-term source of chlorine that automatically adjusts chemical application to rate of flow. Recommended for use in any approved, gravity-flow tablet dispenser, they provide positive disinfection and inhibit bacteria regrowth. Registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Canada’s Ministry of the Environment and a number of state and provincial authorities, they are packaged in 10-, 25-, 45- and 100-pound containers. 800/667-9326; www.norweco.com.

Live bacteria

Liquid BioOne from One Biotechnology contains live microorganisms selected specifically for their ability to thrive in a septic system environment. This performance-ready product does not contain added enzymes or emulsifiers that only serve to liquefy waste. The beneficial bacteria eat and digest septic system waste without harmful byproducts. When used in preventive maintenance, it can help prevent backups and drainfield flooding. It should be added immediately after pumping. 800/951-4246; www.onebiotechnology.com.


Drainfield restorative

Septic-Scrub from Arcan Enterprises is a chemical treatment that oxidizes sulfides and releases oxygen into the drainfield. It is designed to remove sludge in the biomat, restoring drainage to a system that has slowed down. It allows septic service contractors to offer an add-on drainfield cleaning service. 888/352-7226; www.arcan.com.

Bioremediation restorative

AfterShock soil absorption restorative from Cape Cod Biochemical Co. restores drainage to clogged and sluggish drainfields, prevents backups and eliminates odors. It contains multi-strain bacillus spore-bearing bacteria, as well as a bacteria-friendly, time-release oxygen source. It restores drainage by digesting solid material that clogs soil absorption areas. The oxidizer accelerates bacterial activity for an extended period, promoting unusually fast biological activity of the organisms. Additionally, the oxidizer helps to degrade sulfides in the biomat to further promote drainage. The bacteria are naturally occurring, USDA-approved, laboratory-enhanced, primarily aerobic organisms. The product is nonhazardous, nontoxic, contains no EPA priority pollutants and is safe for the environment. Its bacteria and oxidizer can be applied at the same time, eliminating the need to keep the system exposed for repeated site visits. 800/343-8007; www.septiconline.com.


Ventilation device

The UNI-Tee Baffle from Bear Onsite upgrades septic system effluent filters using a UNI-Coupler made from builder-grade 4-inch screens. This is accomplished by disengaging the locking mechanism, removing the 4-inch screen and housing, then locking on any of the larger-sized effluent filters currently in the marketplace. The design makes this upgrade possible from finished grade, without confined-space entry, because of the installer-friendly PVC pipe lever attachment on the side of the housing used to unlock and remove the smaller housing, and then allow it to be replaced with the new larger one, even when the access is through several risers. It can also be packaged with one of two outlet screens or one of two outlet “true filters” that are designed to provide drainfield protection and ensure proper ventilation of the septic system. 877/653-4583; www.bearonsite.com.

Vented pump enclosure

The High Vent Air Pump Enclosure from Polylok measures 24 inches long by 15 inches high, and utilizes an air vent (independently tested to 330 cfm) on a 24-inch flat cover with mesh air inlets to dissipate heat and extend the life of the air pumps. Its green-colored UV-protected weather-resistant enclosure blends with the environment and can be used above or below grade on new or retrofit applications. Accessories include risers to adjust height to fit most applications, and a full line of air pumps ranging from 1.41 to 5.29 cfm. 877/765-9565; www.polylok.com.

Anaerobic/aerobic filter system

STAAR Systems from SeptiTech treat high organic loads that integrate with other technologies and accessories. Smart controllers recognize situations dealing with peak, low, intermittent or no-flow conditions to either slow, stop or restart the system and include many additional features to further enhance quality and dependability. A dual-purpose recirculation pump sprays wastewater over unsaturated media filter and draws outside air in through use of venturis. The smart biological trickling filter technology also maintains low levels of Nitrate-N. Systems treat 100 to 150,000 gpd with all below-grade components that fit available concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. 800/318-7967; www.septitech.com.

Pressure filter

The STF-100A2 pressure filter from Sim/Tech Filter maintains proper and efficient year-round operation of mounds, sand filters and other pressurized distribution systems. The low head loss (0.21 psi) pressure filter mounts on the discharge side of an effluent pump, acting as a last line of defense to prevent plugged holes and reduce effluent TSS. This mounting location also extends the time between servicing. The vortex action created by the pump scrubs the screen and backflow through the filter after the pump shuts off washes out debris. A single 2-inch filter can handle flow rates up to 83.8 gpm. The 2-inch filters in the manifold can be designed to handle almost any flow rate or load. Larger 3- and 4-inch filters are also available. The standard screen filters to 1/16 inch and optional socks allow for additional filtration to 0.024 inch, 0.007 inch or 0.004 inch. 888/999-3290; www.simtechfilter.com.


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