Rescuing a 25 Year Untouched Septic Tank

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@paylesscesspool to the rescue on this extremely thick septic tank that has not been serviced in 25 years! The customers have not pumped it since they moved into the home. 

First up is to break up all the solid waste in the tank. The pumpers use a 12-foot-long spoon, but are working on getting themselves a Crust Buster. Now, it’s time to start pumping. Breaking up and removing all the solids possible is very important to keep the tank active and flowing smoothly. Removing the solids saves time and money for all parties involved. Now the customer is back up and running and should be good for another three to five years, not 25!

This is a testament to the expertise of professionals like @paylesscesspool in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of these essential wastewater systems.


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