What's the Thickest System You've Ever Seen?

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Dominic of Poor Pumper Society shows us how he tackled one of the thickest tanks he’s seen in his five years of service! 

The customer informs Dominic that his septic tank is backing up and it has been about six years since they installed the system. 

The poor pumper begins with vacuuming out all of the solids he can from the inlet and outlet sides in order to keep his “smoothie” from getting all over the drainfield. Mixing it all up with a Crust Buster of course! The mixture consists of fats, oils, grease, toilet paper and flushable wipes. The bacteria and enzymes handle what they can, but when these foreign substances enter the tank is when you have problems. 

Dominic goes on to inform the homeowner that if he does not want to end up in the same predicament, he should pump in the next three to five years. He finishes pumping and tops off the job with rinsing off both sides of the tank.

@poorpumpersociety2 Thickest septic tank I’ve seen 😳 #poorpumpersociety #septiclife #draingang ♬ original sound - Poor Pumper Society


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