Telematics Services Provide Clear Solutions to Tough Problems

More and more fleet owners are using telematics to meet the pumping industry’s biggest challenges

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Telematics Services Provide Clear Solutions to Tough Problems

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Fleet management can be easier than ever with a telematics service. Telematics gives fleet managers the power to improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Solutions for Major Challenges

Empowered by GPS-based telematics, fleet owners enjoy everything they need to solve some of their greatest problems.

  • Problem: Soaring fuel costs
    • Solution: By letting managers track idle times, telematics promotes lower fuel costs related to needless driving.
  • Problem: Excessive vehicle wear and tear
    • Solution: Telematics lead to improved dispatching and routing, which limit unnecessary mileage and idling, and reduce the need for part replacement.
  • Problem: Slow arrival times
    • Solution: Optimized routing also improves service, creating happier customers and more repeat business.
  • Problem: High insurance premiums
    • Solution: By giving managers increased oversight over driving behavior, telematics can lead to fewer moving violations. Improved routing also reduces driver distraction and lowers the risk of costly accidents and liability issues.
  • Problem: Excessive overtime
    • Solution: By allowing drivers to spend less time on the road, telematics reduces needless overtime. They also result in faster service times, allowing drivers to take on more jobs.
  • Problem: Unexpected downtime
    • Solution: Armed with timely engine diagnostics, managers are able to streamline maintenance and schedule key repairs before they evolve into inconvenient breakdowns.

A Far-Reaching Impact

Networkfleet's industry-leading GPS fleet tracking solutions provide a wealth of essential tools, including engine diagnostics, asset tracking, geofences, satellite integration coverage, roadside assistance, third-party software integration and numerous, data-rich reports. By utilizing these powerful tools, managers are able to optimize everything from remote operations and service calls to back office functions and vehicle health. Best of all, they can tap this deep reservoir of knowledge through an intuitive, easy-to-use online dashboard using a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about telematics solutions for your business at or call 866/869-1353.


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