Construction Project Funds Fall Short: Time to Diversify?

Dwindling funds for highway and rail projects during peak construction season could mean fewer jobs for you.
Construction Project Funds Fall Short: Time to Diversify?

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A recently released report from the Professional Safety Advisors Infrastructure Advocacy & Education Organization (PSA-IAEO) warns that dwindling funds for highway and rail projects could delay construction work this summer. PSA-IAEO advocates on behalf of contractors who benefit from infrastructure projects. The report comes after U.S. transportation officials warned lawmakers this month about the dwindling funds. 

What does it mean to your business if work on major construction projects grinds to a halt? Contracts to place portable restrooms or pump holding tanks on construction sites could disappear, leaving you looking for revenue in other areas. 

“The Highway Trust Fund, which receives money from a federal tax on every gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the United States, is expected to become insolvent by 2015,” says the March 2014 infrastructure update. 

In the report, Peter Rogoff, U.S. Department of Transportation acting undersecretary, voiced concerns about what would happen without the trust. “Hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation could be at risk and our ability to address the many road, rail and transit needs in every state will be severely impeded,” he says. 

A debate continues to find ways to secure stopgap funding for infrastructure this year, and suggestions — including raising fuel taxes and eliminating some corporate tax breaks — are being offered to strengthen transportation funding sources in the future. In the meantime, portable sanitation providers can look for new revenue streams to protect their businesses. 

Kick your growth plan into high gear. This isn’t the first time the economy has been hit (remember 2008?), and this probably will not be the last time, but we know you can endure. You did it then, you can do it now. 

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How do you handle a slow construction season? Do you diversify into the special event sector? Post a comment below.  


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