Conquer Noise and Distance With Hands-Free Communication Tech

Conquer Noise and Distance With Hands-Free Communication Tech

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In the fast-paced world of contractors, effective communication is paramount. Hands-free communication solutions are changing the way crews interact on the job site, addressing challenges posed by noise, distance and complex tasks. Systems like those below facilitate real-time, clear audio exchanges, allowing crews to focus on productivity and safety.

CrewPlex is a hands-free communication solution to help crews overcome the challenges of continuous communication in environments where noise, distance and task complexity can affect safety and productivity. It enables connectivity with crew, supervisors and support personnel using one system. Users can speak and listen in real-time without delay, voice triggering or pushing a button. Clear audio quality provides better communication in all environments, especially on sites where noise levels can exceed 100 dB. Available connectivity to two-way radio systems keeps work groups in touch with a supervisor and extends communication. 334-321-1400;

ProCom Headsets ATLAS PRO
The ATLAS PRO from ProCom Headsets is an all-in-one industrial-grade communication headset designed to withstand tough working environments and provide seamless, safe communication with everyone on the job. Crews who already utilize two-way radio systems can also integrate their existing system into the headset to expand communication throughout the entire job site. The lightweight headset offers more than 13 hours of battery life to function throughout the work day. It uses ACS high-level encrypted talk channels to ensure interference will not be an issue and all conversations will be private. It is completely open-mic, enabling the crew to minimize pressing buttons and maximize time spent working. 727-692-8700;


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