Ask the Exhibitors: Why WWETT?

Ask the Exhibitors: Why WWETT?

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Veteran businesses of the wastewater and environmental services industries tend also to be annual exhibitors at the WWETT Show, and there are good reasons for that. 

As the world’s largest annual trade show in the field, a trip to Indy this winter should be a top priority for anyone seeking unmatched networking opportunities. Countless exhibitors mark their calendars for the WWETT Show knowing every year it's a worthwhile experience.

“The WWETT Show brings everyone in the industry together,” says Becca Corrao, director of marketing for Super Products. “All of the manufacturers are there. It is a great chance to get out and see the various products and talk to all of the manufacturers in one trip.”

Becky Brotherton, director of brand and engagement marketing for RIDGID has similar things to say about what brings them back year after year. “WWETT has remained an important show for RIDGID because of the variety and quality of attendees it attracts,” she says. “From new service professionals to tenured crews, from one-person shops to large businesses, everyone is there.” 

With over 450 exhibitors and countless attendees under one roof, the potential for customer connection is unparalleled. It’s those interactions that Brotherton says makes the WWETT Show special. “Absolutely, 100% it’s all about the customers,” she says. “WWETT gives us that face-to-face time that is incredibly invaluable. We get to see our customers in this different environment, instead of on the jobsite, giving us more time to talk to them and hear what’s going on with their business.”

It’s that sort of communication that helps both exhibitors and attendees. Attendees learn about products that may help them be more efficient and successful in the field, and businesses learn what customers want and need. “It’s always great to talk to our customers and get their real-time feedback as they’re demoing our newest products or hearing about our latest innovations,” Brotherton says.

Both Corrao and Brotherton agree that socializing and conversing are the best part of the show. “I look forward to seeing our customers, dealers and vendors as well as meeting new people from various companies,” Corrao says.

Whether exhibitor or attendee, getting the most out of your time at the show comes down to you. Corrao says paying attention to the FAQs and the various deadlines is step number one for an exhibitor to be prepared.

Once there, be ready to embrace all that is available. “Take advantage of all WWETT offers,” Brotherton says. “From spending time on the floor to attending workshops.”

Multiple companies throughout the showroom floor offer workshops throughout the day highlighting new technology and their practical uses. For instance, this year RIDGID is hosting a workshop titled, Utilizing Smart Tools to Improve Your Business, where their product experts provide real-life examples through demonstration of how tools engineered with smart technology can make time on job sites more efficient and productive.

“Customers can expect to celebrate with us at the Super Products booth as we highlight our proud past and promising future,” Corrao says. “We will showcase a couple of our primary product lines and highlight our solutions to meet all your vacuum truck needs. Additionally, we will host our 50th anniversary celebration in our booth on Tuesday.” 

Visitors of the RIDGID booth will also find an anniversary celebration as they celebrate 100 years. “Hands-on demos are always center stage at our booth,” Brotherton says. “If you’ve ever wanted to try a specific RIDGID product, WWETT is a great time to experience everything.”

Experienced exhibitors know that the WWETT Show is not only fun, but an important part of their marketing strategy. “It is a great way to start the year,” Corrao says. “It enables us to introduce new campaigns, products and strategies. The show gives a chance to meet with our customers, dealers and vendors every year, but most importantly, we always meet new customers that we are able to build a new relationship with.” 


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