Product News: June 2022

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry

Product News: June 2022

Superior 5-E Electric Smoke Blower Finds Faults, Odors, Leaks and Inflow
When testing laterals, building plumbing or pumping or inspecting septic tanks, smoke testing is a quick and effective way to find plumbing faults that lead to odors, leaks and inflow. Superior Signal Company’s Superior 5-E Electric Smoke Blower connects to any clean-out, port or vent to smoke test the entire system in minutes. The Superior 5-E Electric smoker pushes smoke throughout a system to find cracks or leaks and identify problems. Made in the U.S., the Superior 5-E Electric smoker comes with 8 feet of industrial grade hose. 732-251-0800;

Infiltrator Plant Selection Tool web app
Infiltrator Water Technologies launched a new web application to simplify the design process for decentralized wastewater treatment plants. The Wastewater Plant Selection Tool translates user input of project parameters like flow rate, influent parameters and effluent requirements. Then, the tool instantly generates preliminary design documents including system drawings of a solution to best match the project needs. This new design tool is available for anyone to use on the Infiltrator website. 800-221-4436;

COXREELS V-100 Series vacuum series reel
COXREELS V-100 Series product line has been expanded with the 1 1/4-inch vacuum hose reel V-112-735 without hose and the V-112H-735 with hose. The new model is a smaller frame size featuring 12-inch diameter discs instead of the original 17-inch diameter discs and is designed for use with 35 feet of 1 1/4-inch vacuum hose. The outlet connecting to the hose remains 1 1/2-inches and our 1 1/4-inch hose comes equipped with 1 1/2-inch slip cuffs on both ends for maximum flow. The swivel has been improved on the entire COXREELS product line. It still allows for the connection of multiple hose sizes by using the inside and the outside of the housing, but a greater gradual taper has increased the amount of compatible inlet hose cuffs. 800-269-7335;

WtW Hose Tool hose assembly tool
The Hose Tool from WtW provides operators a safe, quick and efficient way to assemble hoses without pnuematic assistance. Operators have the leverage to safely and expertly repair or replace damaged collars on site locations. Serrated teeth provide extra grip, and it has fold-up arms for easy storage. Angled arms give better leverage, and it is compatible with most industrial hoses, including 3- and and 4-inch hoses. 833-989-8665;

AirVote new generation QR smileys
AirVote announced its new generation of QR smileys that incorporate both customer feedback and service logging. Initially, AirVote released a separate Service Log QR code for custodial teams to check off their work. Based on customer feedback, the new release combines both the customer feedback QR code with the service code. When an employee enters a PIN, the system will log the portable restoom’s maintenance service activity. The same QR smiley code scanned by a different device will gather the user’s feedback, pairing the service logs with customer input. 425-314-3334;


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