Weekly Flush: Seller Says 'Too Bad' After Homebuyers Find Rotting Septic Tank Under Plywood

In other septic-related news, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is booed out of a restaurant by protesters who are fed up with the state's ongoing red tide algae crisis

Weekly Flush: Seller Says 'Too Bad' After Homebuyers Find Rotting Septic Tank Under Plywood

A news organization in Cortland Manor, New York, helped pressure listing agents to replace a collapsing septic tank after they brokered the sale of a $300,000 home without informing the new owners of the problem.

The rusted-out tank was hidden under a piece of plywood in the backyard, presenting a significant safety hazard for the new family, not to mention a $7,500 replacement cost to get the system up to code.

The owners say the listing sheets they used for reference when they bought the house claimed the property was connected to the city sewer, but after they moved in, a neighbor informed them that the house was on a septic system that had been giving the previous owners problems.

When they asked the seller to pony up half the money to fix the system, they were told “Oh well too bad,” say the homeowners.

7 On Your Side News helped broker a deal between the two responsible listing agents, who agreed to pay the cost to replace the tank.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was reportedly booed out of a restaurant last month by protesters frustrated over the state’s ongoing red tide algae problem.

While global warming is partly to blame for the algae blooms that are killing thousands of fish and presenting health problems for humans, nutrients from leaking septic tanks and lawn fertilizers are exacerbating the problem.

Protesters are angry that Scott signed legislation repealing mandatory septic tank inspections in 2012, cut $700 million from the state’s water management districts and downsized the staff at the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

A Middleton, Wisconsin, man thought he was being clever when hiding a knife in the holding tank of a portable restroom after allegedly stabbing another carnival worker more than 20 times. However, Jason Thomas didn’t seem to know that pumping restroom tanks is par for the course for most PROs, and so a service technician quickly recovered the knife. The co-worker survived and Thomas was taken into custody. Get more details here.  

A driver from Texas Disposal System is dead after crashing a septic truck into a utility pole in Austin, Texas, according to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

The crash happened in the early morning hours of Oct. 11. The driver reportedly overcorrected while he was going off the side of the road and rolled the truck over.


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