Product News: May 2016

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry.
Product News: May 2016
Franklin Electric AG Series centrifugal close-coupled pumps.

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Franklin Electric centrifugal close-coupled pumps 
The AG Series of centrifugal close-coupled pumps from Franklin Electric are designed for efficiency in challenging water transfer applications. Ten different models cover the most popular hydraulic performance ranges from 3 to 75 hp, flow ratings from 50 to 2,000 gpm, and heads up to 300 feet. Each pump is equipped with either a NEMA standard JM or JP motor for mechanical seal or packing gland configurations, both of which include a 416 stainless steel sleeve for extra durability and ease of service. 260/824-2900;

General Pipe Cleaners cable machine
The Speedrooter XL cable machine from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to clear clogs up to 200 feet in 3- to 10-inch lines. Features include a 3/4 hp motor and 100-foot drum capacity for Flexicore cable. Interchangeable drums allow operators to add cable lengths or swap cable sizes. Switch between 3/4- or 5/8-inch cables in the large drum design or substitute the small drum with 100 feet of 1/2-inch cable for smaller lines. 800/245-6200;

Jetstream of Houston rotary nozzle
The Orbi-Jet X22 rotary nozzle from Jetstream of Houston is designed for surface cleaning applications. The self-rotating nozzle is rated for up to 22,000 psi. Features include a lightweight Twis-Lok shroud that ensures safer water displacement and protects the nozzle from damage during operation. A magnetic braking system controls rotational speed. Nozzles are safety colored for pressure recognition. The premium kit includes an optional 15,000 psi adapter, 50-hour maintenance kit and secondary rebuild kit. 800/231-8192;

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. liquid paint markers
INKZALL liquid paint markers from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. are designed for darker job site surfaces, such as black pipe and structural steel. The pens feature wear-resistant acrylic tips for writing on dusty, wet or oily surfaces up to 300 degrees F. Marks are both water- and UV-resistant with a 10-second drying time. A textured barrel makes the pens easier to use while wearing gloves. Colors include white, yellow, black, red, green, blue and orange. Fine-point markers are available. 800/729-3878;

The Switch Box electric reel control from COXREELS contains all of the necessary parts and components to make the motorized reel function in most service truck or trailer installations. Available in open and closed variations, the box mounts to the motor and contains a relay, circuit breaker and switch. The relay activates the motor and the circuit breaker protects the vehicle from overload. The open variation is available in 12-volt DC, and the closed variation is available in 12- and 24-volt DC. Both variations contain a push-button momentary switch. 800/269-7335;

Ditch Witch air excavators
The FXT Air Series (FXT30, FXT50 and FXT65) of air excavators from Ditch Witch provides both air and hydroexcavation capabilities for digging, potholing and locating utilities on below-grade job sites. All three models use a PTO-driven air compressor for efficient power transfer and increased productivity. The filtration system utilizes a cyclonic separator to remove fine particles before reaching the vacuum system. Operators can monitor and command all components using an electronic controller that displays system parameters. 800/654-6481;

DPL Telematics GPS tracking system with anti-tamper protection
The Trackall OBDII vehicle tracking system from DPL Telematics delivers real-time vehicle and driver behavior data. The unit plugs into the existing OBDII port of most vehicles and installs in seconds. Anti-tamper features include a backup battery that delivers immediate disconnection notifications with location as well as GPS jamming detection. Managers can wirelessly monitor vehicles through an internet-based software package and mobile app. 800/897-8093;

Protective Industrial Products protective gear
Falcon protective gear from Protective Industrial Products is designed to offer protection from rain and other elements and provides splash protection for industrial pressure washing applications. 800/262-5755;

Pentair Flow Technologies sump pumps
The Myers MSCI50 line of cast iron sump pumps are made to deliver up to 30 percent increased flow at 10 feet of lift. The hydraulic pump design, geometry of the volute and a PSC motor remove groundwater from basins located in residential basements or crawl spaces. Options include cords from 10 to 50 feet, a variety of float switches and piggy-back plug for quick installation and easy maintenance. 888/987-8677;

ScreenCo Systems Mega Screen
The Mega Screen Septic Receiving Station from ScreenCo Systems LLC includes all the same great features as the rest of the screening systems line. The Mega Screen features 40.5 square feet of screening area, fed by a 6-inch inlet with dual fan spreaders with the front screens being virtually self-cleaning and processes up to 1,000 gpm. The patented dual screen design is nonmechanical and uses gravity to separate trash from the waste stream. The standard unit features all aluminum construction with stainless steel 3/8-inch gapped bar screens on opposing angles and meets the 503 regulations for septic screening. The unit can be set up with a single 6-inch inlet hose or two 4-inch inlet hoses capable of off-loading two trucks simultaneously. 208/790-8770;


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