Inside the February 2011 Issue of Pumper

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Knight Rider
2010 Classy Truck winner Michael Knight loves the old-school look and hoisting functionality of his new Peterbilt rig
Tank Deterioration Doesn’t Add Up
A manufacturing glitch, not hydrogen sulfide gas, is likely culprit in report of thinning septic tank cover
Bill Requires Statewide Rules in Ohio Education is Key
Hollis Warren honored for shining light on industry advancements in his home state of Delaware and nationally
And Sister Makes Four
With Stacey Scott climbing into the cab of a vacuum truck, this Massachusetts family quartet is poised to build on 45 years of pumping success
D is for Diversity
Working in a territory that covers the cosmopolitan to the countrified, long-time Wisconsin pumping company Strander’s Sanitary Service provides a variety of services
Thickening Reactor Aids in Grease Trap Waste Disposal Showing Them the Money
Hourly, salary or commissions: Pumping contractors explain how they compensate the workforce
Join NAWT Training at 2011 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo Are You Outrunning the Bears?
Simple financial ratios can help you keep a close eye on your company’s health and make mid-course corrections if needed
Protect Your Corporate Status
To enjoy the liability protections offered by a corporation or LLC, company owners must be vigilant about separating personal and business records
Party with Dierks
Red-hot country performer — and one-time pumper — Dierks Bentley will rock the house in Louisville
Learn to be Outrageously Successful
Speaker and business coach Scott Hunter brings success secrets that can help owners transform their companies
Keep Calling Potential Customers
You sometimes have to overcome a fear of rejection to build your client list
Industry News - February 2011
Joint Onsite Wastewater Summit June 18-20; Bio-Microbics FAST System Approved in Massachusetts; MTU Detroit Diesel to Open Carolina Engine Plant; Speas, Pawlak Join Advanced Waste Services; NSF Introduces Flushable Claims Certification Program; Blackmer Produces Company Highlight Video; Thoma Bravo Acquires UPS Logistics Technologies
Product News - February 2011
Featured products of February