Inside the January 2010 Issue of Pumper

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Hit the Ground Running
With excavation and landscaping down to a science, Montana’s TLC Septic Services goes all in with $300,000 in vacuum trucks for its new pumping division
WWETT Preview - January 2010 Great Expectations
Emerging from a tough economic period, new pumpers offer the optimism to inspire all of us to loftier goals in 2010
Marketing is Job One
The highest quality septic service standards and using the best tools in the business won’t be enough if you can’t sell, sell, sell
Plan for a Recovery
Just when you think the economy can’t get any worse … It’s time to plan for better days ahead
Measuring Water Softener Impact on Septic Systems
Research workshop aimed at determining the impact of regeneration water on onsite systems and prioritized areas for further study
Oops! Damage on the Job
Who should foot the bill when a worn septic system component breaks while I’m servicing a tank?
Seeing the Latest and Greatest
Pumpers explain the many benefits they receive from attending the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo
Living the Dream
How an entrepreneurial itch turned into a startup septic service business for New York’s Ronnie Daniels
Massachusetts Residents Look For Onsite Alternative to “Big Pipe”
Chatham Concerned Taxpayers sponsored a meeting with the intent of finding a wastewater solution that is less expensive than the $300 million sewer system and treatment plant upgrade currently being planned for the community in Massachusetts Cape Cod.
Not an Either/Or Proposition
Both the onsite system and the municipal sewage treatment system have their place
Industry News - January 2010
Brooker was a Florida Pumper, Installer