Inside the December 2009 Issue of Pumper

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Back from the Brink
After losing her husband to cancer, Pauline Dube set in motion an action plan to preserve, then bolster his longtime pumping business in Maine
Classy Truck of December
This month we feature Enviro Pump Plus Inc.
They’re the Tops!
The pride shown by Classy Truck owners may be a sign of better times ahead
Going Mobile
Sure, you talk to your employees on the cell phone, and might even use a GPS feature to find a new customer’s location. But your pumping business will use the phone in a myriad of new ways in the future.
Consciousness of Stream
Stay on top of routine maintenance to extend the life of your pressure washer
More Profits: Month by Month
Here’s a one-step-at-a-time approach to improving the management of your money, your business, and your life in the year ahead
Cultivating Customers
What marketing initiatives have worked for you during tough economic times?
New and Improved
Pumpers talk about how the latest industry innovations have helped to build profit and serve customers more efficiently
Best of Both Worlds
By melding large-company efficiencies with small-company personal service, Massachusetts-based Southeast Septic Services clicks with its customers
The Price is Right. Or is it?
Charging prices that cover costs and generate a profit — and reflect the value of services rendered — needn’t be a guessing game
California Regulations Back on the Docket Sleuthing Percolation Problems
Location of drainfield and improper fill soil are likely causes for failure of a new onsite system
New Toolbox Jetters from Advance Pump & Equipment
JT530 Toolbox Jetter; JT1030 Toolbox Jetter
Industry News - December 2009
Chavez Named VP of Vacall Product Group; Zoeller Receives International Trade Excellence Award; Advanced Drainage Systems Adds Flowtech System; SJE-Rhombus Names McDonald Sales Director; Camex Vacuum Industrial Products Teams with Peterbilt; Abernethy Was a Vacuum Truck Pioneer
Worth Celebrating
30th Pumper & Cleaner Expo adds a new-product display, interactive floor plan, and Women in the Industry seminar to its proven mix of exhibits and education