Inside the August 2008 Issue of Pumper

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Declaration of Independence
New Zealand’s Pete’s Takeaways turns down an offer to sell to U.S. conglomerate and remains the only locally owned pumping service on the picturesque Bay of Plenty
What Do You Do After Hours?
While we all know that pumping liquid waste is a 24/7 job at times, it’s important to balance the critical work you perform with family time, recreation, fitness, travel and other pursuits.
Nebraska Revisits Onsite Regulations
The Nebraska legislature approved an interim study resolution to examine the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Contractors Certification and System Registration Act, and the general adoption and enforcement of installation standards.
Web Wise
Your pumping business home page is a great place to test inexpensive marketing tactics during tough economic times
Tanks Look Like Swiss Cheese
Wisconsin waterfront communities committed to replacing leaky steel septic tanks
Built to Last
From a modest beginning cleaning outhouse pits with a shovel, Henry Yeska & Son have grown and adapted to 21st century technologies
Association News and Calendar of Events
This all-in-one resource will point you to the information you need.
In the Race
Marathon training provides portable sanitation company manager Alex Townsend with a great fitness fix
Crunching the Numbers
A few simple calculations will tell you if your business is on the rise or headed for the edge of a cliff
Truck-to-Truck Loading
Rather than shuttling loads to a holding tank, a poster wonders if he can transfer waste between trucks for transport to a disposal facility
NOWRA Seeks Training Proposals
The educational program takes shape for Fourth Annual Installer Academy, scheduled for Dec. 8-10 in Las Vegas
Jobs We’d Rather Forget
An out-of-control hose, big and unexpected messes and impervious scum layers all contribute to a pumper’s ugliest assignment
Solid Gold Service
Technician works for an hour to fish a customer’s long-lost wedding ring from a clogged waste pipe
The Lowdown on Laundry Lint
Would putting a filter at the wastewater outlet on a washing machine extend the life of an onsite system?
Jag Mobile Solutions AquaMax 8 Shower Trailer
The AquaMax 8 shower trailer from JAG Mobile Solutions Inc. has eight unisex shower stalls with their own entrance doors, providing the ultimate in privacy for users.
Industry News - August 2008
United Site Services Acquires Texas Pride Portable Toilets