Surco suppresses odors with Metazene additive

Surco suppresses odors with Metazene additive

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The wastewater industry comes with more than its fair share of lingering odors. Foul-smelling facilities can leave business owners with foul-tempered customers. Odor control products are crucial in the septic pumping, portable sanitation and wastewater treatment fields. Surco Portable Sanitation promotes Metazene — the additive it uses for almost all its odor-control products — to help with odor challenges.

Developed by Surco’s in-house aromatics technology team, the scentless additive is designed to suppress odors at a molecular level by rapidly binding to malodorous molecules and leaving them undetectable. Once Metazene has done its work, the new heavier molecule sinks to the floor and evaporates over time, according to Tonya Ray, odor control specialist for the manufacturer.

Surco uses Metazene in its portable restroom deodorant, washdown additive and other odor-control products.

Ray says the company has discovered that when two different fragrance elements are paired properly, it can have a positive effect on odors. “A simple example would be pairing lemon with fish to neutralize the fishy smell. Fruity and sweet fragrances tend to neutralize sewage odors best,” she explains.

Surco utilizes specific counteracting fragrances in conjunction with Metazene to get enhanced results for targeted odors. “I guess you could say that Metazene — along with high-quality fragrance pairing — is our ‘secret ingredient’ in odor control,” says Ray.

Although Metazene can be used in many vapor-phase applications including air fresheners, aerosols, pump sprays, passive air fresheners, candles and more, Surco prioritizes the odor-control deodorant liquids, toss packets and specialty products demanded by the wastewater industry.

“Some products contain the blue dye and others do not, some are water soluble and others are oil based,” says Ray. “Each wastewater treatment facility has to decide which product works best in their particular situation after proper testing. Since the early 1960s, Metazene has been successfully used in candles for neutralizing odors. This is because its formulation is resistant to high temperatures.”

In an effort to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, the company only offers products that do not contain the toxic chemical formaldehyde. 412/252-7000;


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