Klear it Kone Accessory Designed to Clear Septic System Blockages

Klear it Kone Accessory Designed to Clear Septic System Blockages
Chris Marston, a technician with E & E Septic, explains the Klear it Kone to attendees at the 2016 WWETT Show. The tool allows technicians to harness the suction capacity of the pump on a vacuum truck to clear blockages in inlets and septic lines. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Every septic service professional has come up with a shortcut or two to make the job easier. For years, Dan Marston, owner of New Hampshire’s E & E Septic, and his crew dealt with blockages in the lines leading to residential septic systems. While the blockages only occur in an estimated one in 10 jobs, they typically required his technicians to stop what they were doing and return to the shop for a large pushrod cleaning system or trailered water jetter, costing valuable time and money.

Marston and his techs figured there had to be a better, more efficient way to clear blockages occurring in residential septic systems. That thought turned into the idea for the Klear it Kone, on display for the first time at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

Using industrial know-how and knowledge of vacuum science, along with their combined years in the septic industry, Marston and one of his lead techs, Chris McConnell, developed and began field testing a prototype of the Klear it Kone, a tool that harnesses the powerful suction capacity of the truck’s vacuum pump without requiring use of any sewer snakes or jetting equipment.

“Our first prototype was essentially a safety cone at the end of a vacuum hose,” says McConnell. “We made it with parts that were laying around the shop. When we started searching for an actual product that performed the same function, we couldn’t find it.”

Instead, Marston took the time to redesign, patent and ultimately manufacture a compact product that fits easily on any septic truck and, according to McConnell, has been proven to clear blockages nine out of 10 times.

“We’ve been perfecting this over the last two years, and I would say I use it on my route at least once a day,” he says. “Anyone who’s been pumping tanks a long time knows this is something that they need.”

The unit comes with the hose attachment to be used on any inlet pipe running from the tank to the house. It also comes with a T-baffle attachment to be used to pump out a drainfield.

According to McConnell, the effectiveness of the unit comes from the tight seal the rubber cone makes with the inlet pipe.

“The engineered rubber cone that we use in this product is the most important part,’’ McConnell says. “It is made to stand up to heavy-duty use and still maintain a tight seal, allowing the vacuum pump to do all the work.”

While the Klear it Kone is currently being marketed to the septic pumping industry, McConnell sees no reason why it couldn’t also be used in portable restroom trailer applications. The science behind the tool, he believes, allows the idea to be expanded to other wastewater fields as well.

“We’ve played around with the idea of making a larger, industrial-sized version that could be used on larger sewer infrastructure and piping systems,” he says. “Really, with this science, you’re only limited by the size and power of your vacuum pump.”

McConnell was pleased with the reaction his product received at the WWETT Show, as several Klear it Kone units could be seen in pumpers’ hands on the show floor. He says other pumping professionals told him they’ve waited a long time for a product like the Klear it Kone to hit the market.

“So many of these guys were in the same boat we were, and many of the pumpers I talked with said they’ve made their own contraptions to deal with clogged septic lines over the years,” he says. “They were impressed with the durability and simplicity of our product. It was good to hear from so many in the industry that were thinking the same way we were.

We’ll definitely be back next year.” 603/693-2033; www.klearitkone.com.


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