Hydroexcavator Can Be Pre-Mounted Or Attached To Chassis Of Choice

Hydroexcavator Can Be Pre-Mounted Or Attached To Chassis Of Choice
The HX-4000 hydroexcavator from LMT Inc.

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The HX-4000 hydroexcavator from LMT Inc., in partnership with Smart-Dig of New Zealand, is designed on a rigid sub-frame that can be mounted to a variety of truck chassis.

“The customer gets to choose the chassis they want. We don’t lock them into a particular make or model,” says Mike Fenneman, owner of LMT Inc. “If they have a brand preference or local truck dealer, they can select something – new or used – that they are comfortable with.”

A complete unit is available on a Freightliner M2 106 day cab with 300 hp Cummins engine and Allison 3000 RDS automatic transmission or similar 33,000 GVW truck.

Introduced to the North American market at the 2015 WWETT Show in Indianapolis, the hydroexcavator has an auxiliary 83 hp Kubota diesel engine, 1,500 cfm Tuthill 6015 blower with exhaust silencer, 3,000 psi (7 gpm) Udor waterblaster with retractable reel, 50 feet of 3/8-inch hose and 4.7-cubic-meter (6-cubic-yard) debris tank with side-mounted level indicator.

Other features include four side-mounted, rotary-molded water tanks totaling 396 gallons (1.5 cubic meters). The water filter includes an inline, 80-gauge stainless steel strainer with 1-by-50 micron 10-inch pleated cartridge filter.

The 2,200 cfm full-flow filtration system is housed in a .98-cubic-yard (.75-cubic-meter) pressure-drop unit and has four washable, PTFE-coated, pleated vacuum discharge filters.

Assembled in the U.S. by LMT using New Zealand components, the HX-4000 is one of three models (HX-3000 and HX-5000) offered by Smart-Dig, but the only one currently available in North America.

“It will be the fourth quarter of 2015 or early 2016 that we’ll have the other models available here,” Fenneman says.

The wireless, remote-control telescoping boom rotates 270 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically. It extends to a working range of 31 feet with two floodlights on the end of the boom.

The hydraulic rear door with sight glass lifts 90 degrees, while auto-hydraulic locking, adjustable plates ensure an optimal seal. The 5-inch rubber main dig hose has an over-center clamp-lock fitting. A 30-foot, 4-inch suction hose provides extended digging access.

Safety features include an automatic vacuum release and an internal stainless steel float ball with seal that shuts off the vacuum when the tank is full, preventing debris or liquid from entering the filtration system.

Roller doors on both sides of the unit provide access to the engine, blower, filter unit, silencer and storage area. Accessories include a digging wand and head.

Options include a 400,000 Btu AquaBlast, fuel-oil-fired water heater for cold-weather operation or breaking up hard soil. 800/545-1074; www.vaxteel.com.


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