Portable Sanitation — Special Events

Portable Sanitation — Special Events
Luxury restroom trailer

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  Luxury restroom trailer

The Royal Limited Series of portable restroom trailers from Ameri-Can Engineering feature private floor-to-ceiling toilet suites with stile-and-rail doors, visual perception of a larger interior space and floating sink tops with under-sink lighting. Features include upgraded framed mirrors and light fixtures, a hot-water system and a multi-source music system. Each trailer is designed for rugged use and to accommodate large numbers of users. They are available in many different sizes, interiors and floor plans. Trailers feature large waste tanks, easy operation and a range of interior designs. 574/892-5151; www.ameri-can.com.

  Lowering restroom trailer

The Omega J-Series restroom trailers from AMS Global feature vacuum toilets, a pump that liquefies solids, a 2,000- to 4,000-flush capacity, kneeling suspension that allows the trailer to lower to the ground, remote-control leveling jacks that lift up to 16,000 pounds, standard 17.5-inch 16-ply tires rated at 6,000 pounds, wet-lubricated wheel bearings, eight-lug wheels and surge disc brakes, and radius doors with obscure-glass windows. A 15,000 Btu A/C with 5,500 watts heat comes standard. It can run on on-board tanks, or use city water and pump directly to a sewer. It can also pump its own tanks out over 100 feet with a 10-foot head. It features metal and composite construction, with porcelain wall-hung fixtures. 888/574-4222; www.amsglobal.us.

  Portable hand-wash sink

The Aqua Stand portable hand-wash sink from Armal is designed to withstand any weather condition and is ideal for parks, outdoor events and construction sites. Its 23-gallon water tank has a tamper-free lid to keep water safe and fresh. It offers foot-pump operation and optional soap and paper towel dispensers. It is double-sided, lightweight, and is easy to maneuver and operate. It fits inside the Armal Wave restroom and most assembled portable restrooms for easy transport. 770/491-6410; www.armal.biz.

  Three-station ADA restroom trailer

The ADA 8000 three-station restroom trailer from ART Co. features a hydraulic lowering system that allows for a traditional toilet instead of a macerator (grinder) unit. It is available in multiple interior finishes. Other features include a 400-gallon epoxy-lined steel waste tank, integral trailer skirting, a heavy-duty 2 5/16-inch trailer hitch, a heavy-duty hydraulic tongue jack, ducted heat and air conditioning, and a folding ADA ramp. Options include hands-free faucets, pushbutton flush toilets, heat and winterization packages, simulated-hardwood vinyl flooring, AM/FM MP3 stereo, and onboard freshwater tanks. 269/435-4278; www.arestroomtrailer.com.

  Waste tank treatment packs

Porta-Treat toss-in packs from Bionetix contain natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste. The bacillus spores used have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom. The cellulose present in toilet paper is reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria are capable of releasing enzymes that minimize waste so the bacteria have better access. By reducing waste and odor-causing compounds, the holding tank is left fresh and clean, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 514/457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com.

  Solar-powered restroom trailer

The environmentally friendly Optia 14 from Black Tie Products is a three-room solar restroom trailer. The 200 W solar panel has a dual-battery system and can operate up to 10 hours while running the interior/exterior lighting, exhaust fans and water pump, reducing the portable sanitation contractor’s carbon footprint. 877/253-3533; www.blacktieproducts.com.

  Urinal deodorizer

WAVE urinal deodorizer from Chempace offers more fragrance than typical urinal blocks. It is ideal for use at special events for continual coverage in extreme weather. It releases bacteria that cleans the urinal and eliminates odors. The product is VOC-compliant for use in all 50 states and has no ozone-depleting ingredients. The design reduces splashback, reducing cleaning time. It is available in several fragrances and lasts up to 60 days. 800/423-5350; www.chempace.com.

  Lowering ADA restroom trailer

The three-station ADA-accessible restroom trailer from Comforts of Home Services features a stand-alone aluminum ramp and hydraulic lowering system. The trailer includes a utility room and 450-gallon wastewater tank for a capacity of more than 1,125 uses. Many layouts can be modified for direct sewer hookup, and most can be made into drop boxes (no axles, tires or trailer lights) for semi-permanent locations. The integral waste tank design allows for a lower floor and more fuel-efficient towing. 630/906-8002; www.cohsi.com.

  Portable flushing restroom

The Aspen Elite portable restroom from Five Peaks features a freshwater flushing system and hand-wash sink. The design incorporates a freshwater tank behind the waste tank. The dual tank holds 19 gallons of freshwater and 45 gallons of wastewater. The flush system is operated with a foot pump. The 21-gallon-capacity sink with large basin allows for washing of hands and forearms, and is operated by a foot pump. The spigot pressurizes water to rinse hands more efficiently. The lid flips open for filling and is secured by a locking latch. Graywater drains into the holding tank. 866/293-1502; www.fivepeaks.net.

  Six-bolt ball valves

Six-bolt ball valves from Green Leaf are molded in polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass. The self-aligning ball moves freely against Teflon seats for smooth operation. The ball is diamond-turned after molding for precise contact between ball and seats. They feature stainless steel bolts, Viton O-rings, and Teflon self-lubricating stem bushings and seats that cannot stick or bind. Sizes range from 2 to 3 inches, with a maximum operating pressure to 150 degrees F. They are available in full- or standard-port design. 800/654-9808; www.green-leaf.us.

  Air freshener discs

Air MAX air freshener discs from Green Way Products by PolyPortables contain more odor-fighting fragrance oil than the standard discs, extending the effective usage and reducing service change over times. In addition, there is 20 percent more surface area, which creates an immediate and distinguishable impact due to the greater volume of fragrance being released at any point in time. They are available in the company’s standard fragrances, as well as a fragrance of the month. Simply place the disc on a hook behind the vent stack or place it on the toilet paper rod outside the dispenser, securing it in place with the lock. 800/241-7951; www.greenwayproducts.net.

  Hand-wash station

The Imperial Handwash station from Imperial Industries was designed for simplicity and durability. It features a 25-gallon freshwater tank and 30-gallon wastewater tank, and is freestanding with dual-sided wash stations. The 59.5-pound unit will fit in most portable restrooms for easy delivery, and comes with a foot pump on both sides. Trash bins are optional. 800/558-2945; www.imperialind.com.

  International restroom trailer

The Porta-Lisa International from JAG Mobile Solutions is designed with plumbing and electrical systems specific to the requirements in the country where it will be delivered. It is also designed for convenient and economical shipping, fitting inside shipping containers individually or in multiples. It is available in two-, three-, or four-station configurations, with standard onboard freshwater tank, large waste tank, air conditioning, low-flow sanitation-grade toilets, metered faucets, solid-surface countertops, powered ceiling vents/skylights, LED interior lights, occupied lights, and internationally compliant exterior dimensions and lighting. 800/815-2557; www.jagmobilesolutions.com.

  Graffiti remover

Art Blaster graffiti remover, cleaner and protector with green apple scent from J & J Chemical is safer and easier to use than aerosols. After removing graffiti, it leaves behind a protective coating to help prevent further graffiti from staining restrooms. It can be used along with the company’s Art Blaster Sponge for additional cleaning power. It removes markers, paint, pen and pencil. 800/345-3303; www.jjchem.com.

  Hand-wash station trailer

The Explorer hand-wash station trailer from McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers offers commercial-quality event sanitation for large crowds with a 500-watt water heater and 120-volt on-demand water pump. It features stainless steel countertops and sinks, with dispensers for soap and towels. It has a front service compartment with locking doors, 230-gallon poly freshwater tank, and 250-gallon galvanized steel waste tank. Its structural steel frame with four corner stabilizer jacks rides on a 2,200-pound torsion axle, and has a 2-inch coupler for easy towing. 866/457-5425; www.explorertrailers.com.

  Solar-powered restroom trailer

Solar-powered, self-contained restroom trailers from NuConcepts are designed for the special event market where space, capacity, electrical or water connections might be limited, such as weddings/parties, sporting events, food festivals, outdoor community events, and off-site movie/television production locations. Features include solar operation, a 40-gallon freshwater tank, 65-gallon waste tank, incandescent lighting, enclosed stainless steel sink and flushing china toilet. Each restroom offers an average of 125 uses. Options include air conditioning, powered roof vents, water heaters, interior heat, power converters, and winterized units. 800/334-1065; www.nuconcepts.com.

  Portable shower

Portable shower units from PolyJohn Enterprises provide hygienic benefits and comfort features. They are ideal for campgrounds, sports facilities, beaches, farms and construction sites, and in emergency situations where regular services are temporarily unavailable. Construction is based on Fleet cabanas, offering roomy interiors with ample space for changing and showering. They are available in cold and hot shower units. The company’s WaterWorks freshwater delivery system is also available. 800/292-1305; www.polyjohn.com.

  Two-station portable hand wash

The Breeze two-station portable hand wash from Satellite has a sealed water tank to insure proper hygiene. Its stations have full fingertip-to-elbow washing and operate with a hands-free baby foot pump. The blue areas of the station have a fleck pattern to hide scuffs and scratches. It also has extended bumpers on the side and top to buffer it while traveling. There are fresh and wastewater drain plugs and an additional pump-out port on the base for wastewater. All plugs are tethered to the unit to prevent loss or damage. It has two handles for lifting and fits easily inside most portables for transportation. 800/328-3332; www.satelliteindustries.com.

  Holding tank

Polyethylene holding tanks from the T.S.F. Company are available in several sizes for containing wastewater and freshwater. Low-profile tanks fit under RVs and field offices. The tanks have two 3-inch holes – one in the corner for cleanout and access from the side of a trailer and a second for plumbing. Spin-welds are available (½, 1, 1¼, 1½, 2 or 3 inches). A 110-gallon white cylinder tank is 70.5 inches long and 24.5 inches in diameter. Black wastewater tanks range from the 30-pound, 60-gallon (48 by 21.5 by 14 inches) size up to the 137-pound, 440-gallon (91 by 71.5 by 16 inches) size. 800/843-9286; www.tuff-jon.com.


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