Getting Grease Gone

The objective is containment and disposal of one of your most problematic waste streams. You’ve come to the right place for solutions.
Getting Grease Gone
Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc.

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Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc.

The 30-yard ADS dewatering unit from Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc. can dewater approximately 22,000 gallons of grease trap waste at 1 1/2-percent solids in 24 hours. An estimated 80 percent of the waste will drain off as effluent, which can be transported to a treatment plant, land applied or used in composting. The remaining sludge cake contains between 18-20 percent solids and can be landfilled or composted. The dewatering unit can be transported by a roll-off truck. 979/245-5656;


Ashland PolyTrap

Polyethylene lint and solids interceptors from Ashland PolyTrap, part of the APLI and APSI series, are designed to capture lint and other sediment from commercial washing machines and other commercial and industrial sources. Made of high density polyethylene, the interceptors are lightweight, durable and corrosion free. The units can be installed above or below ground and have non-skid, 3/4-inch covers with recessed lift handles for easy removal. The interceptors are available with diamond-steel or aluminum tread plates for heavy foot traffic and cart areas. 800/541-8004;


Bakers Waste Equipment Inc.

Available in 100-, 200-, 300- and 400-gallon capacities, metal waste recovery containers from Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. feature lockable steel lids that lift and slide for easy pump-out access. Units range in size from 33 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 36 inches high to 63 inches wide by 44 inches deep by 41 inches high and weigh from 176 to 337 pounds. Options include casters, runners, heat tubes, dump pins and high security screens. 800/221-4153;


Best Enterprises Inc.

The 3,600-gallon (3,400-gallon grease trap/200-gallon yellow grease) stainless steel grease trap truck from Best Enterprises Inc. is available in a range of customized sizes (300 to 5,000 gallons). Options include jetter system for cleaning blocked lines, heated coils inside water tank for easier cleanup, dump-heated collar for quicker discharge and heated floor in grease compartment for cold-weather discharge. Other features include large cfm vacuum pump with 3-inch vacuum hose. 800/288-2378;


Canplas Industries Ltd.

The Endura solids interceptor from Canplas Industries Ltd. is available in 7-, 10- and 15-gpm models. Made of engineered thermoplastics to withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees F, the interceptor lid has an airtight seal that can support up to 440 pounds. Features include a baffled system for enhanced separation at low flow rates and EZ-Clean tank exterior. Options include solids basket for 98 percent solids capture. The basket with integrated lifting handles can be used in place of the inlet baffle or located in a standalone tank. 800/461-5300;



The BIO-Amp biological delivery system from Chemsearch releases five strains of bacteria that attack food sources, turning them into water and CO2. The system prevents drainline backups, eliminates foul odors and reduces BOD, COD, TSS and FOG. The system automatically applies 30 trillion bacteria daily. 972/438-0257;


Containment Solutions Inc.

Flowtite grease interceptors from Containment Solutions Inc. are designed to store wastewater long enough for FOG materials to naturally separate and float to the top of the water where the grease can be collected. A baffle divides the grease, allowing the remaining wastewater to enter a second compartment, where it can safely flow into the sewer line. Made of non-corrosive fiberglass, tanks range in size from 600 to 60,000 gallons. IAPMO Z1000-approved designs are available up to 12 feet in diameter. 877/274-8265;


Crescent Tank Mfg.

The Model 1600 waste oil flat-tank pickup/delivery and service vehicle from Crescent Tank Mfg. has a 1,600-gallon waste tank. A lift gate allows the driver to place 55-gallon drums on the deck during cold weather or if waste is too thick to vacuum into the tank. 585/657-4104;



The compact grease interceptor from Drain-Net is available in 7-, 10- and 15-gpm models. Able to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 220 degrees F, features include seamless, leak-proof construction, quick-connect latching system, flow control device with cleanout lid and versatile connections. 800/407-3726;


Flo Trend Systems Inc.

The Sludge Mate grease trap waste dewatering box from Flo Trend Systems Inc. is available in roll-off capacities of 15 to 40 cubic yards or as a 5- to 40-cubic yard trailer-mounted unit. The dewatering box also is available as a permanently mounted tipping stand. Made from A-36 carbon steel plate with reinforced 10-gauge sides and 3/16-inch floors, the dewatering box has a gasketed rear door for unloading dewatered cake. Features include an internal filter system with hot-dip galvanized expanded metal support panels and Poly 2000 media that traps solids, allowing water to pass through the drainage ports. The acid/base-resistant filter media can withstand high temperatures and is easy to clean. The dewatering box is sandblasted and primed inside and out. The exterior can be painted to match existing equipment. 800/762-9893;


Fournier Industries Inc.

The rotary press from Fournier Industries Inc. is designed for grease trap dewatering. The flocculation filtration system requires no wash water during operation. A steam wash is recommended every four to six weeks to clean residual soluble grease that collects on the back surface of the screen, impacting throughput. The system is available with up to six dewatering channels to handle peak volumes of up to 200,000 gpd. 418/423-4241;



The indoor containment system from Envirotub is made from recycled plastic that eliminates grease buildup and allows for easy cleaning. The system measures 18 inches wide, 32 inches high and 28 inches long, enabling it to fit under most two- and three-compartment kitchen sinks, and has four cast-iron wheels with optional locking. The top of the system has a raised edge to contain overflow and spillage and is designed to drain spilled grease or fryer oil toward the opening. The 12-inch lid seals to prevent odors and is vented in the center to allow heat to escape and prevent expansion. The unit can hold up to 55 gallons (400 pounds) of waste and withstand oil temperatures up to 190 degrees. The tub can be pumped out in 60 seconds or less. 866/777-4322;


Green Turtle

The Proceptor gravity separation device from Green Turtle features an elliptical shape and distributed flow pattern to maximize grease, oil, solids and sediment separation. Made for above- or below-ground placement, the system’s smooth, corrosion-resistant fiberglass interior is designed to prevent grease and bacterial buildup. 877/428-8187;


LMT Inc.

The eVAC 1205 650-gallon grease service system from LMT Inc. has a 12-volt, 3,300 rpm DC motor that works in tandem with a vehicle’s charging system. The Conde ProVac 3 pump system produces 35 cfm on the vacuum side and 6 psi in pressure mode. Made for medium service and low-noise applications, the unit has an automatic vacuum shutoff. The electric system has a 2-inch steel secondary moisture trap, oil-catch muffler and Conde oiler. For optimum performance, the unit can be paired with up to 800-gallon tanks, pulling down 15 inches of vacuum in under three minutes. Features include 25 feet of 2-inch Bumble Bee hose with wand, primary shutoff valve, 3-inch brass lever valve, two 2-inch plastic sight eyes, 6-inch hose hangers, vacuum and pressure relief valves and 2.5-inch vacuum/pressure liquid fill gauge. 800/545-0174;


Municipal Sales Inc.

Bio-Septic FOG from Municipal Sales Inc. is a bio-nutrient stimulant that increases the metabolic reproductive rate of natural bacteria by 50 million times in a few days. The foam applicator provides even distribution and increases contact time on grease-covered surfaces. 518/747-2044;


Westmoor Ltd.

The Conde ProVac industrial liquid waste/grease trap pumping system from Westmoor Ltd. is made for indoor and remote locations. Able to pump 120 gpm, the unit starts with a flip of the switch or to pressure mode for offloading. The built-in exhaust deodorizer keeps odor to a minimum. 800/367-0972;


Prime Solution Inc.

The rotary fan press from Prime Solution Inc. uses continuous pressure differential technology to dewater sludges and slurries. Features include slow rotational speed (less than 1 rpm), automated, low maintenance, portable, space-saving and expandable system. Conditioned sludge is fed into the enclosed dewatering channel between two parallel stainless steel wedge wire filter plates. The feed sludge is subject to a pressure drop where liquids pass through the filter openings and solids advance within the channel. Sludge continues to dewater as the feed pump supplies more sludge, slowly moving the solids through the channels toward the outlet of the press, forming a cake. Units can be expanded up to four channels with capacities of 260 gpm. Skid-mounted systems include central operator control panel, feed pump, chemical prep, inline mixing and the availability of plant-integrated controls. Mobile systems can be containerized or trailer mounted. 269/673-9550;


Schier Products

Great Basin indoor/outdoor polyethylene grease interceptors from Schier Products feature a Diffusion Flow design for maximum grease separation and storage. The units are certified to ASME A112.14.3 standards and offer highway-rated composite covers. Features include fully adjustable riser system, open internal cavity and smooth internal walls for easier pump-outs. 800/827-7119;



Mighty Mike FOGHog tablets from Scienco/FAST, a division of Bio-Microbics Inc., are made to remove grease and help increase water flow from constructed pipes in lift stations and collection systems. Each tablet contains approximately 25 billion active, high-performance bacterium per gram for both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Bacteria naturally consume and break down fats, oils and grease. Each pre-measured tablet placed in the wastewater stream will continue to reproduce for 20 to 40 minutes until the fat is consumed. 314/645-6540;


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