Notorious Japanese Septic Trucks Now Smell Like Chocolate

Odor complaints led to a sweet solution in Osaka, Japan.
Notorious Japanese Septic Trucks Now Smell Like Chocolate
A worker featured in the video adds the scented lubricant to the vacuum pump.

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After facing complaints about how badly the septic trucks smelled, collaboration between several companies in Osaka, Japan, has solved the problem. The solution: lubricating oil with a strong Deo-Magic deodorizer and chocolate fragrance.

That’s right. The trucks now emit the smell of chocolate. This innovation has met with positive feedback from most Osaka citizens — and the septic workers. A few people have complained on social media about the choice of cover-up scent, grousing that they’ll never be able to eat chocolate again. I guess even a chocolate-scented truck can’t please everyone.

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Just for fun, if you happen to speak Japanese, here's a video:


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