Septic Inspections Head to the Web

Real inspections. Real results. Colorado installers are guinea pigs for testing an online septic inspection scheduling tool.
Septic Inspections Head to the Web
How does your regulatory agency schedule and track septic inspections?

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A handy online tool is receiving rave reviews from homeowners and installers alike in Colorado. The Summit County Community Development Department just announced it has implemented eTRAKiT, an online tool used to schedule and track inspections for construction projects and septic systems. 

According to an article on, eTRAKiT has earned high marks from local installers and community members for its easy-to-use format and functionality. 

It began with a pilot program over the summer where local contractors were asked to use the tool to schedule real inspections. The county’s current scheduling system — an old-school automated phone line — is clunky and not really feasible for scheduling multiple inspections. The new online tool is faster and allows multiple inspections to be scheduled quickly and easily with the simple click of a button.

One guinea pig  — local plumbing and heating company owner John Murphy — said using the new system compared to the phone system is like night and day.

“We weren’t just going through the motions,” Murphy said in the article. “We were scheduling real inspections and having real results. It (eTRAKiT) worked flawlessly and I still haven’t had any issues with it.” 

The tool lets contractors follow the step-by-step building permit and inspection process to monitor progress, even if they’re not at the job site. They also receive an email notification when an inspection is scheduled, which they can forward to builders and homeowners so everyone is on the same page. 

It seems like any tool that can help streamline inspection jobs to save you time and money is worth checking out. Many counties and states are already using eTRAKiT to streamline inspections, so if your county hasn’t tested it yet, this timesaving tool might be coming to a county near you soon. 

How does your regulatory agency schedule and track septic inspections? Would you be interested in using an online tool like eTRAKiT to streamline your business?


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