Leak Detection System Saves School Big Bucks

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Leak Detection System Saves School Big Bucks
The Gen-Ear’s built-in preset audio filter combinations remove ambient noise interfering with accurate leak detection.

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An ominous leak beneath the building. Water mysteriously surfacing in the parking lot. And potentially costly demolition and repair costs. 

What’s a school to do? 

If you’re the Anna (Texas) Middle School, you call local professionals from Spencer Plumbing Co. with their new Gen-Ear water leak detection system from General Pipe Cleaners. 

The compact and lightweight Gen-Ear blends the latest technology for the most advanced acoustical leak detection system available. The Gen-Ear quickly and accurately locates leaks in cast iron, copper, steel and PVC lines. 

School officials guessed that the prime problem originated beneath the structure’s main slab. But water bubbling up in the parking lot simply compounded the mystery. 

“The school thought we’d bust up the building slab and parking lot just to locate the problem,” Spencer Plumbing owner Bryan Spencer says. “But our Gen-Ear showed them exactly what — and where — the troubles were.” 

General’s equipment quickly found two distinct problems — one minor, another major. “We fixed the relatively small inside leak without any major disruption,” he says. “Then we traced the source of serious concern to an open field near the school.” Spencer showed how the outside leak was actually channeling water down a ditch and, eventually, under the parking lot where it surfaced. 

“We pinpointed the real problems so clearly and quickly that the customer saved thousands in unnecessary demolition and repair work,” Spencer says. 

That sort of swift service and professional precision, he claims, not only enhances company reputation, but also boosts profitability by cycling jobs more quickly. “We fix problems faster and get more jobs done in less time. Everyone’s happy.” 

Over 40 years as a plumbing professional taught Spencer that investing in new technology boosts business and cements customer satisfaction.

“Why use old ways when new technology gets the job done faster and better?” he asks. “Our customers deserve fast results for their hard-earned money.” 

Located 30 miles north of Dallas, his company serves a significant number of residential and commercial customers with slab-on-grade construction. And the new Gen-Ear, Spencer says, is ideal for pinpointing leaks beneath concrete. 

It also complements the company’s Gen-Eye video inspection systems. “Between the two, we locate problems fast,” he adds. 

Spencer says that the new equipment’s learning curve proved surprisingly short. “Once we learned to identify different types of leak sounds, we began using the system right away.” 

The Gen-Ear’s built-in preset audio filter combinations remove ambient noise interfering with accurate leak detection. So instead of traffic, wind or machinery sounds, operators hear the whoosh or hiss of water leaks.

The ground sensor detects the gurgling or hammering of cracked pipe — as far as 8 feet below ground — through hard surfaces like concrete or tile. The probe rods locate leaks beneath soft surfaces like grass or carpet, or for aboveground valves or hydrants.  

“Our Gen-Ear is proving itself all the time,” says Spencer. “It’s serving our customers — and our business — very well.” 

For more information, contact the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners at 800-245-6200, or visit www.drainbrain.com/genear.


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