Portable Restroom Trailer Delivers Convenience, Practicality

Portable Restroom Trailer Delivers Convenience, Practicality
The Tow-Let portable restroom trailer conveniently eliminates the need to load and offload portable restrooms, saving valuable time in the process.

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After 31 years in the construction industry and five years in the portable restroom industry, Pete Poust saw a need for workers to have clean sanitary facilities when and where they needed them. In response, he built the first prototype of the Tow-Let portable restroom trailer in 2010. The unit conveniently eliminates the need to load and offload portable restrooms, saving valuable time in the process.  

Permanently mounted on a concept trailer, the unit is a self-contained polyethylene portable restroom with a 50-gallon waste tank and 30-gallon freshwater tank for washdown. A solar-powered 12-volt system powers the washdown pump, which charges the hose on a self-retracting reel. The unit also includes a PolyJohn Enterprises single-user hand-wash sink, LED interior lighting with control panel and a storage box for supplies. Larger size tanks (including a 300-gallon waste tank for long-term placement) are available, and units can be customized to match company colors. 

The unit can be towed behind any vehicle with a 2-inch ball receiver. Simply unhook it from tow vehicle, set it at the preferred location on site, lower the rear stabilizers and steps/handrail, use the front jack to raise and stabilize the unit, and add water and deodorizer to make it ready to use. When it’s time to move the unit, just open the dump valve and rinse the tank, lower the front jack, raise the rear stabilizer and steps/handrail, and hook it up to the tow vehicle. The self-contained dump system is set up for dump stations or vacuum truck service. 

The unit eliminates the need to schedule delivery, and provides a clean sanitary facility that meets local, state and federal laws. Other models include the Tow-Let Extended, which offers greater capacity for larger crews and longer times between service; the Tow-Let Super-Size, which features a 5- by 5-foot restroom (ideal for workers required to wear bulky clothing) and large-capacity tanks; the Tow-Let Low-Ryder featuring a single-step entry; the Tow-Let Twin, which features two restrooms and a larger wastewater storage capacity for larger crews; and the Tow-Let Utility, designed for utility service crews. 

For more information, visit www.tow-let.com


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