Inside the November 2012 Issue of Pumper

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The Grease Patrol The Grease Patrol
For Slovenian grease trap specialist BIOPLUS, customer satisfaction requires carefully maintaining disposal systems to limit costly and inconvenient emergency calls.
Flow Control Flow Control
Dewatering units, containment systems, additives and portable vacuums keep grease under control and drain lines open.
Grease Trap Service and Disposal Grease Trap Service and Disposal Digging in the Dirt Many Florida Counties Opt Out of Septic Inspection Program Take a Stand Against Flushing Pharmaceuticals
Pumpers can play a critical consumer education role in the battle to keep trace amounts of prescription drugs out of the waste stream.
Finding the Value Finding the Value
It’s not enough for Brownie’s Wastewater Solutions to collect multiple waste streams for customers. They want to identify a recycling use for everything they pump.
Product News - November 2012 Product News - November 2012 Proceptor PDI Grease Trap Proceptor PDI Grease Trap Time to Hire?
A poster would like to add a service technician. Industry veterans weigh in with the pros and cons of bringing on a new employee.
Join the ‘New’ NAWT for a Pre-Expo Course Going Green and Getting Greenbacks
Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword used by environmentalists. It applies to reducing your energy costs, lowering your overhead and boosting your profits.
Industry News - November 2012 Industry News - November 2012 Get Ready for Indy Get Ready for Indy
The industry’s biggest show will return to the Hoosier State in 2013.
On-Site Sanitation LLC On-Site Sanitation LLC Differentiate or Die
Saturate the market with your company’s memorable unique selling proposition and watch the profits roll in.
Let Your Voice Be Heard
The online Pumper Survey will show where the liquid waste industry stands on service diversification, human resource trends and building the bottom line.
Association News
Pumper invites your state association to post notices and news items in this column.