Inside the July 2008 Issue of Pumper

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Divide & Conquer
Continual diversification into broad service areas builds strong growth for Nevada’s Sierra Restroom Solutions
Association News, Training and Education, and Calendar of Events
This all-in-one resource will point you to the information you need.
Regulation: It’s Not a Dirty Word
As we become mired in the presidential election cycle this summer, the first instinct many of us have is to rage against the machine of big government.
The Upside to the Downturn
It’s time to keep your chin up and consider expanding the business while competitors cut back
Maryland County Adopts Onsite Mandates
New regulation requires owners to have septic systems pumped every five years and nitrogen removal for homes built near Chesapeake Bay
Serving the Red Carpet Crowd
Crack portable sanitation provider shares tips for capturing high-profile event work
A Quick Study
Latest generation owner of 60-year-old family business puts his knowledge of human nature to work on customer care
You're the Tops!
Manufacturers offer upscale restrooms to satisfy the most discriminating special event users
10 Ways to Hurt Your Business
If you want to make life in business tougher than it needs to be, here are ten good prescriptions to try on a regular basis
A Meth Lab Mix?
A laundry list of dead septic tank systems may point to an illegal drug manufacturing operation
Just Say No
If you encounter a septic system that appears linked to illegal drug manufacturing, leave the property immediately and contact the police
Effective Event Marketing
Portable sanitation contractors are looking for new and creative ways to get their products in front of special events organizers
It’s Not a Garbage Disposal
Share these Answer Man rules for septic system care with your customers and you’ll spend less time responding to weekend emergency calls
NAWT Achieves Positive Changes for the Industry
Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come until you take a second to turn around and look behind you.
DropBox Aims at Tough-Job Construction Market
Sanitation Station from DropBox is available in 20-foot and 40-foot units.
Industry News - July 2008
Keith Huber was a Vacuum Truck Pioneer; Infiltrator Systems Launches Wastewater Web Site